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• 9/17/2018

About Starve.

So, starve is pretty much dead. But Lapa is making a near-exact copy of Starve called Think of it like but kinda with Devast graphics. Anyway, once Lapa finishes making Revast, should we put it on this wiki, or make a new wiki?
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• 7/28/2018
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• 7/13/2018


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• 7/9/2018 is alive again.

Starve is back, and lots of people are playing. That means lots of savages too. We need to stop them! Feel free to join my clan of savage-killers. Just put the (K) tag on. No discord or anything like that needed. As long as you have the tag, and you kill savages, you're alright. Feel free to check my comic im making on my user blog as well.
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• 5/18/2018

Update idea

What about we add more decorations in the sea,like shell,sea star,etc.
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• 4/15/2018


I was "kicked" from the server. Though it says the invite has expired. I can no join again, why? What can I do?
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• 4/10/2018


What stuff do you want in the game?
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• 4/4/2018

Shields and More Ore!!

We need more ore in the game for more fun like Emerald Ore, Ruby Ore, Sapphire Ore, Iron Ore and aquamarine.. Also we need to put Shields in the game for a dual attack for more Protection.
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• 3/23/2018

Hora de una nueva actualizacion!

ya han pasado 3 meses y medio sin salir ninguna nueva actualizacion ya es hora de una nueva (espero que sea grande la que esta por venir)
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• 1/21/2018

My personal guide

This guide will not include doing the chrono quests (because those are a bit of a time waste).

You ARE going to need the 2K starter kit to survive your first night. This includes a wood pick, 2 big fires (they last 1.5 days), 16 berries, 2 meat and bread. So grind those points until you get to 2 thousand. Commit suicide and try to respawn in the middle of the day. That gives you enough time to find a spot for your base.

A good base would include a:
Nearby deposit of gold
Nearby food source
Close distance to the ocean
And in some cases an already placed fire

Trees and stone should already be nearby due to their large quantity. Ignore building a workbench for now because it is not needed for your first day. You are now going to need EXACTLY 80 wood to build a wood sword (30) and helmet (50). It'd be best to get these one at a time. Inventory is key! If you have no wood that will be one less filled slot. (if you need to you can toss items by right-clicking) Don't forget to continue making BIG fires if necessary. And with your sword kill a bit of wolves. (they're a lot easier to kill/find than rabbits)

NOW you wanna make a workbench because it will be essential to do this next step. Backpacks. This is one of the most important items in the game. It gives you plenty of space. Before you start your expedition though you'll probably want to upgrade your tools. (sword/pick/helmet) and you'll wanna get a few bridges to put over the lake to stop drowning and reduce cold. Remember to keep your resource amounts exact.

To get a backpack you will need to kill 5 wolves and 3 spiders. Stone defense with helmets and attack with swords will increase your chance of killing these two predators. And a few bandages might help you feel better. After you grab that stuff from the animals craft yourself a bag. Then you will need to work towards these 4 items.

- A furnace requires gold which means you need a stone pickaxe. This item is permanent and an extremely better substitute to big fires.

- Earmuffs need rabbit fur and string. Rabbits are surprisingly uncommon so kill one when you get the chance. They take 4 hits with stone. Earmuffs are awesome to use at night. They reduce cold.

- Upgrade to gold. A pick, and especially helmet and sword with gold should do amazing for killing rabbits for the earmuffs.

- While your at it, it may be a good idea to have a spear along with a sword to deal with hostile mobs and especially other players. Spears have a long range but do less damage than swords. You'll have to work all the way up from wood though.

After you grab these things you should be able to persist very well. Use your helmet at day and your muffs at night. Do not engage with players unless they attack you. This is where the spear comes in handy. You shouldn't start farming after you surround your base. Live off meat until then. You'll need these to do so. (Before every thing you might want to get an IKEA manual to speed up crafting. There's gonna be a lot of crafting to do. You'll need paper (from wood) wolf fur and string.)

- You'll need a hammer to destroy any misplaced walls or to expand your boundaries. This starts with stone but you can work your way up to gold if you want.

- Walls are obvious for reasons. They block rude players out and will keep them from stealing crops. You'll probably only need wood but it may be good to use stone.

- Doors are entrances to your base and is the reason you need a hammer so you don't trap yourself in. You'll just want at most stone. You should be fine then.

- Chests are necessary for a personal base. They're like an extra inventory slot. And just in case you might want locks for your chest just in case someone else has a hammer with them.\

- A bed is VERY nice if you want to heal! Place it nest to the furnace.

With all this you can start farming without desperate players attempting to steal your crops. You can put some chests with locks in there to expand storage. If you feel like you need to expand your base you can always use your hammer to break walls. Now you can begin farming and with that you will need some more things.

- A shovel digs up sand, dirt and, ice in the winter it is used in many food related items. With the shovel you can make these items.
* Bottles hold water and are good to use while exploring.
* Pots are a more organized way to plant crops and can allow planting crops on bridges.
- Seeds (obviously) of any kind are used to create crops. You need to craft berry seeds but all the others are found in the wild. Here is a list of lesser important crops. You can create more seeds by crafting 3 of any crop by a fire.

Berries are just small simple food sources.
Pumpkins have a large amount of food to them and are used to create furnaces during halloween.
Garlic can warm you up and acts like a bandage.
Thorn bushes serve little purpose except that they hurt on contact.

- And then there's wheat. Wheat is easily the most important crop in the game. It creates bread, the most important food in the game. Bread can be a good alternative to venturing into the winter for diamonds and amethyst. These two gems can be bought at the bread market. Here's a step by step on how to make bread.

~Make a windmill with wood, stone, and string. It turns wheat into flour. It's always good to have more than one because bread is so important.

~Also make more than one bread oven to bake the bread. You can also use your furnace to bake bread but that's more expensive. The bread oven completes the process of bread baking and you can make a ton of other foods with flour and bread.

(Cookies - Flour + Berries)
(Cake - Flour + Berries + Ice)
(Sandwich - Bread + Meat)

- A watering can is very necessary when farming to keep your crops from drying out. If they dry out, they won't give out food.

- Roofs will mislead players into ignoring your base because they don't know whats under your roof.

All that, gives you a big advantage in food and market. The more of a resource you have the cheaper it is at the market. This now might be a good time to start a team. You'll need this.

- More furnaces, more beds, better walls, more windmills and ovens etc. to entice players. And more chests to expand storage and share with teammates.

- A totem to properly start a team. This limits attacking and thievery.

- Signs to let all your friends know what's going on without wasting your time typing.

- A peasants tunic just in case teammates have a trick up their sleeve.

- A hood to be a jerk yourself.

- Buckets and a well to share water with your team.

- Spikes to limit burglars.

- A wrench if you do need to repair a few walls.

- Continue purchasing diamond and amethyst to upgrade tools and weapons.

- MORE AND MORE CHESTS!!!!! With locks.

- Keys if your friends are hiding secrets in their chests. (Don't you love being a butthole?)

Upgrade your coat as well. You'll soon be going to the winter with your team. Go to the cold with your coat on and lure winter creatures to the edge of the winter. (They can't leave the arctic) Finish them off with an upgraded spear. Keep doing this until you have enough for a winter hat and scarf. (You'll also need Blue Thread - string + diamond - for the hat and scarf) You'll need a few things to face the dragons or find diamond and amethyst.

- Plenty of water bottles for hydration
- A winter hat and coat
- Preferably sandwiches for hunger. (Meat is also fine)
- LOTS of big fires for warmth
- Diamond weapons - preferably spear over sword - and helmet (from the market)
- Diamond pick for amethyst
- Workbench is always fine
- IKEA book along with that
- Maybe a windmill for more food
- VERY tough walls/doors/spikes back at your base in case of thievery
- An explorer's hat just in case
- At least one extra slot
- And a few friends
~DO NOT bring shovels/hammers/unneeded items. They are a waste of precious inventory.

Try to kill a dragon and get the heart. Then make a resurrection stone so if you die you have another chance. If you need to you CAN go back to the winter to kill another dragon. (but really?) With that done you can go to the ocean. You will need some bridges, maybe pots, seeds and weapons. Go around the islands to see if you can find some specialties like a pirate sword of super hammer. Kill some piranhas to get your first diving suit. Find and kill a kraken to upgrade to the next. Upgrade everything to amethyst using the market and do what ever you want (Try to take over the whole map!)

This is the end of the guide.
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• 12/29/2017


how do i make a game like and I've been trying to start for the longest time
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• 12/25/2017


Get on it!
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• 12/21/2017


I think I have a really good idea. So the developers can show the moon phases. Every full moon makes all wolves turn into werewolves and you have to prepare for it. You can avoid them by staying out of range. There could also be the rare solar or lunar eclipse where something random happens.
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• 12/18/2017

GAME ERROR !!!!!!! . I play for 6 hours

I went to that side when I was writing and I could not come back.
Post image
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• 12/18/2017
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• 12/15/2017

Update Ideas

Maybe we could add special potions. they can't go over walls. We could add for example a speed potion: 30 gold, 2 fish scales and 3 rabbit fur. The potion increases your speed by 30%. This comes in handy when there are players chasing you. But there could be a sticky potion that you throw and where it lands a small area is sprayed with the potion making bunnies easier to kill, or to make players go much slower. (Can also be good for trolling!) More examples ending in potion: Flame, Poison, Sleep (For animals) and Healing.
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• 12/13/2017

Range weapons

Range weapons should be added but there needs to be a downside like maybe if a bow is added, it takes time to draw back your bow and dose not do as much damage as the sword or spear. I also think if a bow was to be added, animals like the dragon would be immune because scales. Also, a shield would be cool.
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• 12/11/2017

A Glitch

There is a glitch in my game. When I was in vampire mode and was a vampire, right after it turned night, i went out. I had low health so I died for some reason plz help fix.
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• 12/5/2017


They should be saved into an account!
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• 12/5/2017

New Ideas

Fences. These team related items block out players. Teammates walk over them. If a miscellaneous structure if placed next to a fence, any player can select it on the opposite side. (unlike walls) Fences do have less health than walls though and cannot have roofs over them. Forks. These items allow you to eat while crafting. Ladders. These allow you to climb onto roofs and resources.
Items can be placed on roofs to create second floors. There can only be 2 floors. You cannot place items on resources. Animals cannot climb ladders.
Bows and arrows. Ranged, tiered items that shoot from a distance. Birds. Can only be killed by arrows. Their meat are very filling. Beds. These can only be used in private servers. They save your progress and all creations are invulnerable along with yourself. It has a minute long cool to not overpower it. Pots. You can put these above fires/furnaces to cook meat and bread without taking time. (basically a windmill for a fire) Bread still takes 3 wheat to cook. There are 2 seperate slots for meat and bread. Pots above fires extend fire time a bit. When fires go out the pot returns to your inventory.

A new gamemode. Builders. You get 10 minutes to create the best civilization. Everyone gets a lone server and they are completely in vulnerable. When time is up everyone votes. Items are selected from the crafting button
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