Här finns de senaste och framtida uppdateringarna, enligt's ändringslogg och dens officiella Discord.

Future UpdatesRedigera

Mentioned Features: Redigera


  • Masks
  • Obsidian


  • Dragon Tiers
  • Wild Tribe
  • Nightmare boss
  • Yeti


  • Desert


  • Mobile Apps
  • New Hunger Games servers in Asia to be added

Next Update Redigera


  • HG server in Asia will be added


  • Another slot for bag

Latest Updates Redigera


Inv hood

Additions Redigera


  • Chrono Quest, 2 new chrono-quests are now available:
    • 1.Open 5 Treasure Chest in less then 3 days
    • 2.Don't hurt anybody for 6 days
  • Crown of Luck, you need a orange gem to craft. Successfully complete a quest to get this item.
  • Crown of the Angel, you need a blue gem to craft. Successfully complete a quest to get this item.
  • Hood, when wearing you are able to steal items from other players

You can not use it for a quest. Once you put it, you have to wait 5 sec to enable the steal ability. It works only at night, and away from a fire. If someone hits you, it disables your ability for 5 sec. If you succeed to steal someone, it disables your ability for 5 sec. You can not steal an item that someone is holding. A BIG THANK YOU to @Tiny#4668 for your idea, and Eogito for your drawing.

Changes Redigera

  • You have to gather 1 amethyst in less than 5 days
  • You have to survive without losing life for 4 days
  • Dragon quest is unchanged. (It is still 7 days)
  • Slightly nerfed the spears damages.
  • Reduced time of amethyst quest
  • Reduced time of survival quest
  • Reduced recipe of crown of life
  • Buffed crown of life
  • Added auto-feed and show spectator in settings

Fixes Redigera

  • You can not destroy amethyst building to succeed a quest
  • Spectators can not give a box when they die
  • Visual bug with timer of quests after reconnecting
  • Sea border and forest border for water and animals
  • Glitch with the dead box, when more 250 items and corruption with the end gears
  • Dragon heart bug (Cannot delete it)