Amethyst is the third rarest mineable resource players can obtain in the game. The amethyst deposit is an extremely rare resource, with only 5 in-game deposits. 3 deposits may be found on the top left end of the map in the Winter Cave guarded by dragons. 2 deposits can also be found in the lava biome. As diamond pickaxe or higher is required to mine the amethyst, one must traverse the arctic to get diamonds, taking care to have enough water, food, and fires in the inventory for use along the way. The amethyst deposit regenerates as fast as diamond but it is much more difficult to obtain because of its placement, surrounding mobs, and limited number of ores.


Obtaining amethyst allows you to craft the second-highest tier tools (excluding chrono-quest items) and buildings in the game.

Amethyst is used to craft:

It is also used in higher-tier tools as a secondary crafting ingredient.

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