The amethyst pickaxe is a tool that allow the player to obtain resources. The amethyst pickaxe is an upgrade from the diamond pickaxe, and is the highest tier of pickaxes. Since it does not unlock a new resource to mine, many players choose not to craft the amethyst pickaxe and instead keep it as diamond.

The amethyst pickaxe is able to mine trees/wood (6), stones (5), gold (4), diamonds (3) and amethyst (2).

More Information

The amethyst pickaxe can be crafted with 60 gold, 40 diamond, 30 amethyst, and 1 diamond pickaxe near a workbench.

Item(s) Amount per hit
Inv wood Wood 6
Inv stone Stone 5
Inv gold Gold 4
Inv diamond Diamond 3
Inv amethyst Amethyst 2
Crafting Station
Workcraft Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv gold Gold 60
Inv diamond Diamond 40
Inv amethyst Amethyst 30
Inv pickaxe diamond Diamond Pickaxe 1
Inv amethyst pickaxe Amethyst Pickaxe
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