The Baby Mammoth is a neutral mob which spawns in the Winter. It is the baby version of the Mammoth, a large and hostile boss mob.

Normally, it will move in a relaxing pace and won't attack players. If attacked, it will become aggressive and will chase down any nearby players at a really fast speed. You should be careful because the damage it deals is quite large (50 points, equal to a quarter of your health bar).

When killed, it will drop 3 raw meat and 1 mammoth fur, which is used to make the Fur Hat.

A Baby Mammoth can be tamed using a Saddle with a 1% success rate (5% with a crown of luck). If you fail, it will become aggressive and start to attack nearby players. You can calm it down by leading it to follow you for a while — the Explorer's Hat can help to calm it down twice as fast. If you succeed, you can move as fast as a boar in the Forest and even faster in other biomes. It is as fast as a sled in winter and can turn more easily.


When farming for fur, players must at least have two available inventory slots as the meat will be prioritized over the fur.

It's recommended to get a Diamond sword/spear before engaging in a fight with a Baby Mammoth.

Baby Mammoths move slightly faster than polar bears and arctic foxes. Because of this, you can kill baby mammoths by attacking slowly, but it is not recommended to kill them while circling a fire.

If looking for a safe fight, the player's best tactic is to use the Winter-Forest biome border. This allows the player to freely damage the Baby Mammoth while remaining just out of reach.

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