This page refers to the item that gives you more inventory slots.
For the various shapes and forms it can get, see Bags.

Crafting Station
Workcraft.png Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv wolf fur.png Wolf Fur 5
Inv thread.png Thread 6
Inv-bag-out.png Bag


The Bag, also known as the backpack, is a clothing item used to give extra inventory space for players. It is one of the most common clothing items obtained by players, as it does not take any inventory space, and is wearable with any type of clothing. It is automatically used when crafted.

The bag was released on the Look Cool update, along with helmets, paper, and the IKEA Manual. Currently, wearing the backpack gives the player six more inventory slots, allowing for sixteen inventory spaces in total.

The bag becomes a necessity in late game, as players have to obtain many different resources for advanced recipes.

One can add up to 2 inventory slots in addition to the bag, by completing the following chrono quests:

  • Kill 1 sand worm (8 days)
  • Explore each biome for at least 1 day (7 days)

More Information

The player can only have one bag at a time. When wearing a bag, players cannot craft any more bags. The bag is crafted with 6 thread and 5 wolf fur when near a workbench. The bag can be worn with any form of headgear. Wearing any other item of clothing will hide the bag.

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