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Bandage is an item that allows players to regain life faster. When a bandage is applied, regeneration becomes three times faster (heals 15% every 10 seconds). The multiplier does not stack, but the extent does; more bandages applied results in longer effect.

Players need all other status bars to be at more than 35% to be regenerating. Bandages do not work if those conditions are not met.

With the new interface, it confirms that each bandage contains 5 "heals". You can stack up to a total of 20 "heals", aka 4 bandages..

Its very good for farming spores if you have lava helmet or you in team mode, 400 or 500 points for one bandage.

More Information

The bandage was added in the "Attack If You Dare" update.

The bandage is one of the only consumables that can heal a player, along with the aloe vera. Also the wand of life. The garlic used to have a healing factor, but now it doesn't.

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