A base is a group of player-made structures that serves a purpose, typically for protecting players, growing food plants, or allowing safe storage of valuable items. They can be very basic or advanced. Many bases start out as a temporary location, and grow as players get more advanced in the game. Most bases have walls, doors, fires or furnaces, and workbenches as they are necessary to provide a safe and functional environment for players. Other common structures used in bases include chests, berry bushes, wells and totems. Agricultural bases may also incorporate wheat plants, plant plots, windmills and bread ovens.


By base in this guide, we are going to talk about permanent bases, not just a temporary camp.

Starting your Base

The best way to start a base is simple, just find a berry bush near some trees and start a campfire or near to a lake. But more advanced players have access to more materials used in making a base, so they may be able to create a better working, better protected home.

Building in the Forest

The easiest place to start your home is in the bottom left corner of the forest, because there, you will already have two walls of your base complete, and wide access to wood. This will help you while making further supplies. But if your base is too far from a lake, you'll need a well. An important precaution while building in a corner, though: watch out for wild animals. In this location, they can easily corner you and make you their dinner, so kill any mobs you see nearby before construction. Another downside to this spot is how it is far away from the winter biome and the sea.

A very easy place for your base is right by the sea, preferably on the corners to take advantage of the trees there. This way, you'll have all the water and sand you could need. You can also build a base on a lake, using bridges so you don't drown and can build top of the water, this way, your water bar will never drop. The best lakes for bases are the top left lake if you're taking trips to winter, and the lakes around the centre for gold.

To start your first base, set yourself near a berry bush, but be careful to claim your corner. Once you have enough supplies, move into your corner and begin the construction. Start off with walls and/or spikes in the middle, for this will give the most defense, and lay out how big your base will be. From there, build out. Don't forget about doors though - put them in a corner near the tree line if possible, as this will provide the most shelter for it. Having more than one door is highly recommended; extra escape routes come in handy if your base comes under attack. That being said, if you've built a moderately advanced base (gold walls or better) and have a wrench, you should be able to hold off against aggressive players easily.

Ocean and Winter Bases

Moderately advanced players wanting to avoid others may wish to build a base in the ocean or the winter, instead of the forest, which is much more crowded. However, these two biomes have more dangerous mobs and harsher conditions than the forest, and require specialised equipment to ensure survival.

For a base on an island, you'll need a lot of bridges and plant plots since you can't build or plant on water without them. You can also plant on the island itself, but that way you won't have much space. If you just need a tiny place to stay, you can only build around the island and put a furnace inside. The best islands for bases are: the centre left one if you want to go to the forest, and the top right island is the best option if you'd like to go to the lava biome. The bottom and centre right ones are a good choice if you don't want to be bothered by anyone.

If all the islands are already taken up, or you want your base to be very well hidden, you can build a base completely out of bridges out in the open water. However, this requires a huge amount of wood, you'll have to grow your own food, and you'll probably have to leave your base sometimes to retrieve more resources.

You can also build your base in the winter biome. It works just like a base in the forest but you'll need to warm up so place a few furnaces around! You can build it in the centre where no one will find you and you'll have access to plenty of gold or near the forest, where you can leave freely but don't have that many people bothering you; and if you want diamonds, you can build it on the top corners. If you're brave enough, you can trap all the dragons in the dragon cave and block the entry points. But be careful, a lot of players will come wanting amethyst and break your walls or just hate you for not letting them.

Expanding your Base

Once you have completed your first wall, begin working on a second, stronger one (stone, if wood is your first, gold if stone is your first, and so on). This will allow you to destroy your first wall with a hammer later on, and have more room to move about. This is not recommended, however, it's better to set your base up first try when you've gathered enough resources than adding more layers and destroying the previous ones later. Don't start building a base until you're actually ready. Also - never build your base completely out of spikes! They have very little health compared to walls and are easy to break, hammers can destroy them in seconds before you even have time to repair with a wrench. If you want to use spikes, either use them in conjunction with walls, or use at least diamond spikes or higher.

Now, for the inside. The easiest design is simple: fire in the middle, bush to the side, and a workbench for crafting. More advanced players can add chests to store supplies, preferably with a lock to be safe, and a furnace, which acts as a renewable heat source. It's highly recommended to have a farm, a base without a good food source really isn't a base. The easiest way to do so is by growing berry seeds, but other types of agriculture such as wheat, pumpkin, or a mixed bakery works too. Wheat growers will require some windmills to process wheat, and can optionally have a bread oven. If you want to start a clan with other players, place down a totem, but make sure to keep it protected - unless if you want random strangers to be able to join! (note that you can also kick team members using the totem)

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