Food Bar

Restores: 10% of the food bar

Life Bar

Damages: 0% of the life bar

Used in
Inv seeds Seeds
Inv cookies Cookies
Inv cake Cake

Berries are the most common food in the game. They grow from berry bushes, which are identified as purple dots on the minimap.

Berries fill only 10% of the hunger bar when consumed, making it more effective to craft them with flour into other food items.


The berry bush grows 1 berry every 6 seconds and is capable of storing up to 5 berries at a time.

The small berry bush (planted with berry seeds) grows 1 berry every 30 seconds and is capable of storing up to 3 berries at a time.

Using weapons or hammers to harvest berries from the planted bushes may destroy them before they naturally die, exactly 8 days (64 minutes) after they were planted. It's recommended to harvesting it by a book or pickaxes to deals less damage to it.

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