Crafting Station
Firecraft Heat Source
Item(s) Amount
Inv fruit Berries 3
Inv seeds Seeds


Berry seeds are items which can be placed to grow into small berry bushes. Berry seeds are used as convenient ways to gain large amounts of food quickly. Berry seeds can be crafted with 3 berries near a fire source.


When placed, berry seeds will grow into small berry bushes after 4 minutes. The grown bush will disappear 64 minutes after initial placement of the seed (or 8 in-game, full day / night cycles) if not destroyed by other means.

When planted, berry seeds dry up after a minute or so. When dried up, it will change into a brown like colour. When dried up, seeds and bushes cannot supply berries for harvest. To replenish the seeds or plants, a player has to water them with a full watering can.

Type of Damage Number of Hits to Break
Hand 720
Wood/Stone Pickaxe 360
Stone Spear 150
Stone Hammer 70

The planted berry bush grows one berry every 30 seconds and stores up to 3 berries, while the natural berry bush can grow one berry every 6 seconds and can store up to 5 berries. Berry growth is boosted by 20% when planted in a plant plot, by 20% when wearing a peasant's tunic, and by 40% when wearing a winter peasant's tunic (plot + tunic bonuses stack).

Berry seeds cannot be planted in the winter or ocean, without using a plant plot.


Berry farm

A big amount of small berrybushes created with seeds

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