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Black Wolf Fur, otherwise simply known as Special Fur 2, is a quest reward that is used to craft the Winter Hood. This item was added in the Sounds Good update. To obtain this item, players must survive in the winter for four days after 1 a day of preparation, requiring active gameplay.

The name is a partial misnomer. Black Wolf Fur is not to be confused with Wolf Fur, which is a drop from wolves.

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Note that players need to go to the Quest menu and claim the item once the quest is completed to receive it. The best technique to do it is going to friend base in winter and farm berries,of course doing solo this quest is possible you need to create: 1 bottle(full),a shovel, a sword(wooden or stone),a pickaxe(stone) (and some extra food) So go to beach to make bottle(remember to not break rules of quest) and of course start game from perfect start of day. However, if you got time for this and got lucky you may will be able to collect resources to get the book or a chapka. When its almost a day, start heading to the winter the fastest way, and if you got extra resources then use it in winter. Savages aren't a problem doing that quest but mostly: hunger, cold, thirst. Now to survive you need to play smart and monitor your (life, food, water, thirst) bars and attack the annoying polar bears, and artic foxes.

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