Blizzard is a condition which occurs occasionally in the Winter. If you are not standing under a Roof or inside of the Cave during a blizzard, you passively take damage. Blizzards are different from sandstorms in a few ways:

  • You cannot heal during a blizzard (unless you are in the cave or under a roof). An icon is displayed in the top-right corner.
  • You take damage every 4 seconds, no matter what you are wearing. (Note: It is not 5 seconds like your status bars).
  • The damage timer resets every time you go into the cave or under a roof. If you rapidly walk between 2 roofs so that you are not in the storm for more than 4 seconds at a time, you take no damage at all.

Blizzard regeneration block at the top right corner of the screen.


A blizzard can occur any time in the Winter, and you are always notified if you are in the Winter a few seconds before a blizzard will start or end. They usually happen once per day, but they sometimes happen earlier or later. They are not synced with sandstorms.

Types of protection Damage received
No protection 25
With Earmuffs (Rabbit Chapka) 16
With Coat (Wolf Chapka) 12
With Cap & Scarf (Winter Chapka) 8
With Fur Hat (Mammoth Chapka) 4
Hiding under Roof(s) or in the Cave 0 (and can heal)

The Hood and Peasant's Tunic provide the same blizzard protection as earmuffs. The Pirate Hat, Turban, and Ninja Outfit are as warm as earmuffs, but they do not provide any blizzard protection.

The Winter Hood, Winter Peasant's Tunic, and Pilot Hat provide the same blizzard protection as a chapka, even though they are almost as warm as a winter scarf and cap.

How To Tell If You're In a Blizzard

There are four ways to tell if a blizzard is currently happening.

  • When a blizzard is about to start, the words "Blizzard approaching in a few seconds" will appear at the top of the screen, but only if you are in the Winter before the storm starts. Because of this, you can walk into the Winter during a blizzard without realizing it.
  • During a blizzard the snow falls faster. When there is no blizzard, the snow falls quite slowly, and only a few particles are present.
  • If you notice your health bar dropping for no reason it's another sign that you've been caught up in a storm.
  • Lastly, a symbol appears near the top right corner of the screen. It looks like the symbol that tells you if you can not heal, except with a snowflake. It does not appear if you are under a roof or in the cave, though, because you are safe from the blizzard there.

In addition, some scripts indicate whether there is a blizzard, but this is not a feasible option for many users.

More Information

The blizzard was added into the game in the "Bizarre" update, along with the Mammoth, Fur Hat, Bows and Arrows. After the "More ways to kill animals" update, blizzards are shorter and rarer, and they are not present in the cave, but you cannot heal.

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