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Beefcheong Beefcheong 7 June

Playing team fortress with me

I am going to play fortress mode this Saturday! If you want to join me, you can play at 7:00am (UTC) / 3:00pm (UTC+8), and I will be offline at around 8:00am (UTC) / 4:00pm (UTC+8). We would like to put [DC] in front of our names to identify others. Hope to see you there! ^_^

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AloeVera0 AloeVera0 1 June
1 Fan Fic: Awoken Inside a New World

This fan fic will be told in the point of view of a starver waking up inside the starve world.

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WhiteRainbow1 WhiteRainbow1 27 October 2020


Иллюстрации к фанфику " Инк в Cattale"(извиняюсь,что тут,но не получается загрузить на основной вики-профиль). / Illustrations for the "Ink in Cattale" fanfiction (sorry for that, but can't upload to the main wiki profile).

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Crunchy in fan kingdom Crunchy in fan kingdom 5 June 2020


hi welcome to hello

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Williek11 Williek11 14 May 2020

Starting Out

This page explains the basics and what you need to understand in order to edit on this Wiki;

  • FANDOM itself
  • Editors
  • Wiki Text
  • A bit of HTML

The FANDOM is a free-for-all project, meaning that anyone can edit it, without vandalizing it, of course. It is created with the intention of providing the best information about any material, being it a TV Show, a Game, or anything else.

The easiest way to find pages is in the "Random Page" tab, which can be found in the Navigation Bar. The same way, you can find pages that need to be created in the little "paper" that you can find in the top right corner. Mainly, you're searching for a page that:

  • Has grammatical/spelling-wise errors;
  • Has outdated information
  • Can be improved in general

And when you're editing; Nev…

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AloeVera0 AloeVera0 29 April 2020

Aloe's bad strategy

Also see the page Strategy

Spawn at night: Get a ton of wood, craft a pickaxe, then place down your campfire. Get some more wood, stone, and also try to get some berries. Find a workbench and craft a stone pickaxe. Wait and survive the night.

Spawn at day: Get some wood, craft a pickaxe, get some berries, and then craft another campfire. Get more wood and stone and craft a stone pickaxe. If you have some time, make a wooden sword. If its night already, place your campfire and just wait.

When you survived your first night/day, and its day again, quickly get to the closest gold ore. Mine it 20 times and get to your workbench. Craft a golden pickaxe. Get a couple of berries, and now focus on getting a stone sword. If you already got a wooden swor…

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Kevin91103 Kevin91103 18 April 2020

A Strange New World

This fanfic is told from the perspective of a starver that has not played since the first version.

In a metaphysical realm known as the Lobby...

Ryley: It's been 3 years since i last played, but i'm pretty sure i can still get some stuff done!

(I am confusion face)

Ryley: What the heck is Golden Bread? There are multiple gamemodes now? There are accounts? What are these? Skins?

Ryley: Well, that was a lot of stuff to process. I guess i better go hop into a game now.

Server entered

Ryley: Great, spawned at night. Gotta go grab me a campfire quick! *Tree punching sounds*,*Wooden Pickaxe crafting sounds*,*Wood and Stone gathering sounds*,*Campfire crafting sounds*.

Ryley: That was an intense 20-30 seconds. Wait, did they reduce the amount o…

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WhiteRainbow1 WhiteRainbow1 2 December 2019
0 fanfic 6 - "The first step into adulthood/Первый шаг во взрослую жизнь"


                This is the sixth and last of the tales of growing up as a young Moon starver.

Until seventeen,starver Moon lived with his parents. Their house was hidden in a dense forest, so dense that a very rare traveler found it on its way. Here, despite the abundance of wild animals, the small family felt safe. After all, the main threat to the starver, sadly, is another starver.
Nevertheless, when rare passers-by  found a house in the forest, the Moon family always greeted them very hospitably and immediately seated them at the table without unnecessary questions. And only then, when the guest was satisfied and rested, his parents carefully asked him about what was happening in the big world.
At such moments, little Moon…

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WhiteRainbow1 WhiteRainbow1 29 November 2019
0 fanfic 5 - "First loss".

                                                                     First loss/Первая утрата

                                                    This is the fifth of the starver Moon tales.

"Is it really for real, no, I’m probably sleeping," - Moon is standing in the living room and looks in front of him with an unseeing look. Nearby, three adults are discussing something loudly, their voices are excited ... But Moon hears them as if from a distance, his eyes are covered with a muddy veil and tears, apart from the will, flow from big black eyes ...
And how good it all began today: in the morning he and his father were fishing and caught four large perches and three crucians. Then, on the way home, they met Paw, the Wolly's cub, from this yea…

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WhiteRainbow1 WhiteRainbow1 26 November 2019
0 fanfic 4 - "First flight".

                                                          First flight/ Первый полёт

                                           This is the fourth story about Moon starver.

- Well, ready? - asked Moon's father.
He stood in front of a large hawk and held it's  neck with his left hand. In his right  hand he held a piece of meat.
-Yes, it seems ready, - the boy called from somewhere below.
Moon sat at the feet of the bird with a knife in his hands, preparing to cut the rope, for which the bird was tied to one of the pillars of a wooden canopy. It has already been a month since his father brought this hawk with a broken wing from the forest. The bird was in serious condition, but didn't lose pride and never missed an opportunity to peck at one of M…

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WhiteRainbow1 WhiteRainbow1 22 November 2019
0 fanfic 3. "First friend".Translated using Google translate.

                                                   First friend/ Первый друг

                                 This is the third story about starver Moon.

- Wally, do you understand who a friend is?
-Moon stared into the eyes of the young wolf.  The animal turned away lazily, sticking out its tongue.
- Friend, this means that you must be ready to listen to me, support me, and be there in difficult times.
The wolf stretched out, yawned and, jumping to his feet, cheerfully ran somewhere.
- Wally! Why aren't you listening to me?!
Moon sniffed offendedly, closed his sketchbook with an uncompleted portrait of a wolf, and hurried after him.
The animal ran towards the rocky lake - a beautiful place that gave Moon not one or two magnificent sketches. Here …

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WhiteRainbow1 WhiteRainbow1 18 November 2019
0 fanfic 2 - "First hunt".

                                                          First  hunt / Первая охота

                                           This is the second story about starver  Moon.

A good will does more than compulsion - еach starver must somehow recognize the meaning of this phrase.
Little Moon understood her very early: for the work to go well, it is important that you yourself want this.
But what if you just don’t want to, and you don’t want to hunt.
The young starver recently passed the seventh year, and his father found him big enough to take with him to the forest for hunting! And tomorrow they will go and get ... someone. But Moon doesn’t have much joy from this - he does'nt want to kill anyone at all. No, not that he would be so compassionate:…

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WhiteRainbow1 WhiteRainbow1 22 October 2019
1 fanfic. The First Pickaxe This is the story of the small starter Moon and his family. Sorry for my English, I have to use Google Translate.

                                                    First pickaxe / Первая кирка.                                                                                                                            This is the first of the Moon starver stories.

Reef rises at dawn and is quietly going on a journey: his family is still sleeping, and he needs to get some stone and a lot of wood. Stone is for a new workbench, and wood, for the most part, is for a stove, and also to repair damage to the roofs of a house and a shed are traces of a recent hurricane. As the head of the family, he feels his responsibility for loved ones - and the dream runs away from him. Trying not to wake anyone, the starver quietly takes his backpack, puts a golden pickaxe…

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ShamanOfTotems ShamanOfTotems 11 May 2018

"Git Gud"

Okay, so i was busy collecting some stone off-base because all of the nodes had run out.

by this time i was already thriving, with at least 4 meat in my inventory. I also had 2 cords and 2 rabbit fur... Almost enough to make a Peasant's Tunic.

I had previously made a mini farm with some garlic and pumpkin. but they died REAL fast.

I saw these "Pros" who were acting as if they were beginners, holding a gold sword, and wearing earmuffs.

So they said: "Lol i like being savage" and the other: "lets go kill [PLAYERNAME]".

But they weren't really targetting ME specifically. So i just relaxed, but i hinted at my fear for them.

Why so? Because one just pulled a DRAGON SWORD out.

So these words: "I am sooo dead aren't I", slipped out of my "mouth" and one…

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Kevin91103 Kevin91103 5 May 2018
15 A Fanfiction Comic.

This story focuses on a starver named Jeremy. He is 12 years old and his parents are expert pvp fighters.

Btw, this fanfic censors swear words in funny ways.

  • 1 Part 0: Introduction
    • 1.1 Prolouge (Chapter 0)
  • 2 Chapter 1: The Legend.
  • 3 Chapter 2: Kevin VS ???
  • 4 Chapter 3: The End of the Beginning
  • 5 Part 1: Start of the Trilogy
    • 5.1 At this point in the trilogy, stuff starts getting intense.
  • 6 Chapter 4: Jeremy's Return
    • 6.1 5 Years Later, Same time.
      • 6.1.1 Jeremy: Ahaga- Abhaduu- Shindeiru....
  • 7 Chapter 5: The Desolate Lava Land
  • 8 Chapter 6: EX Attack
  • 9 Chapter 7: Dragonslayer Jeremy
  • 10 Chapter 8: The Haunting
  • 11 Part 2: Middle of the Trilogy
    • 11.1 Things are getting more intense now. It's like a grenade explosion every minute!
  • 12 Chapter 9: The Super Clan War
  • 13 Chapter 10: The Pha…

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UnknownGamer12 UnknownGamer12 29 July 2017

Single Player Mode

Please add a single player mode because when i start off I'm always being killed by mostly players that are stronger. sometimes if I get lucky I can get into diamond but even so they are always killing me for points. that's why i suggest you make it and I know its a hard favor.

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QlnwtheOctoGuy QlnwtheOctoGuy 21 July 2017

How should we deals with spam in Disscusion?

It's QUITE MASSIVE. 99% of the posts are completely pointless and spam. They are litirally unreadable, do not make any point. Please remove all of them, they are completely useless.

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Mastertrey1221 Mastertrey1221 3 July 2017

Beginner Strategy How To Get To Winter


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Chenleo Chenleo 11 June 2017

Wiki Translation Project

Hello everyone! As you might know, we now have three language versions of the wiki, and I had decided to make the fourth language version of it - Chinese. There are plenty of players in Taiwan who struggle with getting the best info for, and that's what we had, so the translation would be helpful for them. If you would like to join this project, leave a comment to let me know, also tell me what kind of resources you have to help us. The project will start on July 4th, see you then.

List of participants

Founder of the project.
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AmQuake AmQuake 6 May 2017


As we all know, the original founder of the wikia is has been inactive for some time now. In order to fix this, the wikia must be adopted (more info ). However, for an adoption request with multiple active editors, we need to discuss the new staff.

As of May 6th, the current user edit list is as follows(first few):

April 11th
Active (See also reddit)
April 20th
Active (this post)
April 9th
Active (started admin discussion)
April 24th
April 17th
Community active (started admin discussion)
April 17th
April 9th
Now active

*Edit count pulled from user's pages

Additionally, the admin must be inacti…

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Xamaximus Xamaximus 17 April 2017

Pages we need

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