So, you want to get the blue orb and cube, so you can get the DRAGON GEAR? Well, I know a few strategies! All of them have some advantages, and some risks. Without further ado, let me show you them!

The Rusher (No Bag, No Book)

  • This is the hardest way to get the quest-rewards. You don't have enough space for cooked meat and a fire at the same time if you have raw meat in your inventory. And if you go do the quest with only 1 cooked meat, you will probably die. I have done this method a few times, but I wouldn't recommend it, since in my opinion, it is no fun at all (and of course, very difficult). So, how do you do the Rusher method?
  1. Spawn, get some resources, make a shovel, a fire, a workbench and make a bottle. Farm some meat from wolves, and maybe rabbits if there is one in your way. Delete any unnecessary items like thread, wolf fur or rabbit fur, because you will have no space for them with this method. Make a gold pickaxe and also farm 50 gold while you're at it. Before you can go, you should have about 500 wood, 150 stone and at least 20 raw meat. Stone sword is enough, and of course the gold pick.
  2. Now you must decide whether to go through the ocean, or the long (diagonal) way through the winter. It's your choice, but i say the ocean is the better choice here, because if you die from a piranha, you won't be losing much time at all. Go to the diamonds, farm some stone and wood, and don't forget to cook raw meat and fill up your water bottle with ice, melting it at your fire. At the diamonds, farm 20 of them and make the diamond pickaxe. Next, travel to the cave. (Here is a tip - At night, you just need to warm up at a campfire until your cold bar is filled up a bit more than a half. There is no point in getting to full warmth, because you lose half of your bar every step. This is of course for a night at winter!)
  3. You know how you dodge the dragon(s)? No? I hope you know! It's very easy and there are 2 ways of dodging for 2 different scenarios. 1: If the dragon is not in your way, just walk around them and if the dragon follows you, run away and try to steer him into an obstacle. 2: The dragon is DIRECTLY in your way. Wait a bit before the dash animation from the dragon starts, and then (yes, i'm serious here) walk right THROUGH the dragon, it won't hurt you. This might need a bit of practice to get right.
  4. Now, you are finally by the amethyst. Get 1, delete it and walk back! Know you only have to kill one dragon to complete your quests! This is the hardest thing here; sometimes the dragon glitches out, and sometimes there are too many at one spot. The easiest trap positions are the 2 little diamonds at the end of the first floor from the cave and by the amethyst. If the dragon(s) walk into this spots, you can trap them very easily! But make sure there is no room for them to glitch out.
  5. Kill the dragon(s), get the heart, delete it, go out of the cave, and walk back THROUGH THE WINTER BIOME, NOT THE OCEAN, AND THAT IS FOR ALL METHODS. Why? Because sometimes you will get unlucky, and a piranha will eat you because they are faster than you in the water. This time if you die, you will lose a lot of progress! Just trust me, walk back to the forest biome and you are happy! You made the quests and now you can play 'normally' and prepare for the next winter visit!

Most Used Method (Bag & Book)

  • I'll highly recommend you also get a book if you also have a bag. It doesn't cost much time, and it makes your life much easier. You can craft more cooked meat before you go to winter, and you can melt ice quicker. Let me tell you how to use the Bag & Book method.
  1. It's the same as the last method, just with an additional bag and book! First you farm your bag, then your book (on the way to that, also farm some gold), then get a gold pickaxe, 50 gold and you are ready for winter! BUT: If you have the quests done, don't go back to forest after that! I'll always get a diamond sword and 15 winter fur on the way back! It's not difficult if you have a bag and book, trust me!
  2. Polar bears are quite slow and relatively easy to kill, as long as you don't spam your attacks. You should count the hits the arctic foxes need (they need 16 with stone sword, 14 with gold sword, 13 with diamond sword, 12 with amethyst sword and 10 with dragon sword). If there are only 3 hits left before the fox dies, just attack him without fear, he will won't be able to hurt you anymore as long as you keep moving. Now you are back in the forest with a diamond sword and the fur you need for the scarf. A good strategy, right?

The Slow Way

  • It's the same as the 'Most Used Way,' BUT you also farm a coat before you go to winter (optionally, also farm a scarf before doing quests). This can save you some time, but if you don't find the mobs fast enough, it's more of a waste of time. For this, you should play on a more empty server for success!

Slow Way Variant

  • Basically the same as "The Slow Way", but you go in to winter with just stone tools and a coat, and make gold tools inside winter (also helmets if possible, but only up to stone)
  • Basically self explanatory, you basically do the Most Used Way, but not making a gold pickaxe, instead, you make a coat then get gold in winter.
  • There are 2 options while getting gold in winter.
  1. Get only 70 gold for both picks.
  2. Or, if you get enough during the expedition, you can get 110 gold for the picks along with a sword.

(i don't know if this works because i just thought of it, but once i test it, i will remove this disclaimer.)


Not every method is fit for everyone, try out the best method that fits you to get the Blue Cube or Blue Orb easily! Or perhaps you have your OWN method that you use to succeed. At last, I just wanna say that is a survival game that engages players to try out different things with your own hand, to create, share and challenge. So feel free to do anything! And that’s about it, good luck with your chrono quests!

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