Boar fur is an item that can be obtained in the forest. It is useful for later-game things, though, as it can be used to craft a turban and cap to brave the harsh sandstorms that occur within the desert.


Used in
Inv desert cap.png Turban (Cap, Desert Cap)
Inv turban.png Ninja Outfit (Desert Turban)

When farming for fur, players must at least have two available inventory slots as the raw meat will be prioritized over the fur.

It's recommended to use a golden spear/sword or better when engaging in a fight with a boar.

Try to avoid spiders when in a boar fight, because they can trap you and may even kill you with the help of the boar.

The tooltip for the Boar Fur, is "Hakuna Matata! Well, he can no longer say it."

More Information

The boar fur was added in the "Desert" update, unlike the Boar himself, added in the "Boar Master" update.

In order to create a cap, you need 2 boar fur and you need 4 boar fur in order to create a turban.

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