Carrot Seeds are seeds that can be placed in the ground or in a plant pot in order to grow carrots. As part of the bread market, they can be bought for 20 pumpkins and crafted from 8 carrots. Once planted, after 4 minutes it will grow into a carrot plant, which can be harvested for 1 carrot, or 2 carrots with a Pitchfork. It will continue regrowing and producing carrots every 30 seconds until it dries out (occurs every 3 minutes and 20 seconds), in which case it can be watered using a Watering Can, or until it dies (after 1 hour 4 minutes, or 8 in-game days). 2 carrots can be traded for a diamond through the market. 20 carrots may be traded for 1 tomato seed, the next tier of the farm system, in the bread market. By planting the seeds in a Plant Plot, the growth and maturation times will be doubled while the watering and death times will not. This effect can be augmented using the Peasants' Tunics.

A fully grown carrot

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