Chapkas are clothing that greatly increase the player's resistance to the cold, allowing more productivity. They are useful especially in the night and in the winter. There are four variants:

  1. Earmuffs. Craft with 1 Rabbit Fur and 2 String
  2. Coat. Craft with 5 Wolf Fur and 4 String
  3. Winter Cap & Scarf. Craft with 5 Winter Fur and 4 Diamond Cord
  4. Mammoth Fur Hat. Craft with 10 Mammoth Fur, 5 Winter Fur and 4 Diamond Cord

Earmuffs and Coat were added in the "Fashion Week" Update, the Cap & Scarf was added in the "Winter is Finally Here" Update and the Mammoth Fur Hat was added in the "Bizarre" Update.


Earmuffs, which are made from rabbit fur and thread, are the first tier of chapkas. Even though earmuffs are not effective enough to enable survival anywhere without fires, they are still a great help in reducing risk of deaths from cold. Specifically, earmuffs can minimize daytime cold loss, and allow the player to do more at night, including traveling for longer distances and needing less fires overall. Earmuffs require 1 rabbit fur and 2 thread and a nearby workbench to be crafted.


The coat, which is made from wolf fur, is the second tier of chapkas. The coat is very effective in the forest, allowing complete cold resistance in the day and very low heat loss at night. Since diamond and winter fur are required for the next tier, players usually venture into the winter with this on. The coat requires 5 wolf fur, 4 thread, and 1 pair of earmuffs near a workbench to be crafted.

Cap and Scarf

The Cap and Scarf is the second highest tier of chapkas and provides extreme protection against cold in game. It is made with 5 Winter Fur, 4 Blue Thread and a Coat near a Workbench. The Cap and Scarf eliminates almost all cold loss in the forest, and grants resistance in the winter day similar to the coat at night giving massive possibilities for advanced gameplay. The cap and scarf was nerfed in the forest in the HE IS ALIVE! update due to the issue where players were able to be AFK in the forest indefinitely without a fire. Since Blue Thread requires diamonds to be crafted, the Cap and Scarf can only be obtained by venturing into the winter or by using the bread market.

Mammoth Fur Hat

The Mammoth Fur Hat is the best chapka in the game. Made with 10 Mammoth Fur, 5 Winter Fur, 4 Blue Thread and a Cap and Scarf near a Workbench, this thing is a hell of beast. You can AFK in the forest without fires as you only lose 1 "cold point" at night and you gain 1 "cold point" at day so they are balanced. As this is made with Mammoth Fur, we recommend killing Baby Mammoths instead of adult Mammoths if you can't kill them.

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