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Category Idea Reason(s) Description
Gameplay Quest items after death When completing a quest, people get really happy. But if you die, everything is lost and you would start from zero. Dying will not make the player lose his/her quest items after death.
Legit movement
A lot of players get really annoyed when they're running away from a hostile person, bump into a corner between 2 trees, press w to get out of it, and instead move down, losing a lot of health to the hostile mob and possibly dying. Fix movement mechanics so you move in the direction of whatever key you press, and not where the game wants you to go.
More realistic inventory system
Inv chest
The current inventory system is a bit weird; holding 9 items at once doesn't really make sense. Decrease the inventory you start with to like 4-5 items, then you can have some easy-to-make small bag (maybe a basket made out of sticks, possibly also some string?) that can hold a few items and then the backpack can hold 3 additional items.

Or, make the inventory cap be based on a weight limit (and say that the backpack distributes the weight better over your body allowing you to hold more)

Crafting Improvement
When crafting a lot of the same item, for example, walls, it takes quite a lot of time and it would make sense that you can craft things faster after you've crafted it many times since then you would have learned how to craft it in the fastest possible way. Make it possible to craft faster not only by using an IKEA manual but also just by gradually improving your crafting "skills" for an item. For example, you could make it so that when you've crafted 10 walls it will only take 3 s. to create new walls instead of 5 s.

(I'd recommend a maximum crafting time decrease of between 1/5 and 1/3)

Separate armour
Stone Helmet
Having your inventory clogged up by different hats/coats is really annoying Add 2 slots specifically for wearables: Coat and helmet.
Balanced Kits
The current kit system is based on points and will therefore encourage players to kill other players, which will make it harder for players to start out, and makes people who tried hard to build a base instead of killing people get only the lower tier kits. Base the kit system on days survived instead of points; this will make sure everyone who tried hard will get a good kit and will also make it easier for you to start out.

Alt. suggestion by Coyott: Alternatively, the scoring system for kills could be changed, for example, awarding no point for killing people with score lower than a given threshold.

More ways to fill your thirst.
More ways of thirst needed When it rains you regain water while you stand under the rain, every second equal to 1/10 thirst. You can also collect rainwater using a wooden cup, or bottle, then use it by clicking on it to gain the water in the cup equal to 3/5 thirst.
Players can belong to two factions
Six people can feel too few for a faction. Rather than asking to increase the limit of a faction, allowing to belong to several factions (not necessarily two, although a limit has to be set) allows for a whole new level of organisations (having, for example, a head clan of four people each head of other caln, having emissaries allowed in an stranger faction, etc.)
Structures are shared

between all team members

There is no way to keep structures after death Once someone is in a team, all structures they place will be owned by the team, meaning they can only disappear if the are destroyed, all clan members are dead, or the totem is destroyed. This would allow for people that are about to disconnect to give their base over to someone else by creating a team, letting the other person in, then leaving. (To make this easier, the leader of a team shouldn't be the one who placed the totem, but rather the member of the team who has been alive and in the team for the longest time.)
Delay before quitting a team
Betrayal is too easy Any player that tries to leave his team will have to wait 2 seconds before being able to leave.

During that time, he will be unable to use the team's structures or deal damage, while receiving full damage from his soon-to-be ex-teammates. Once a player starts leaving the team, everyone is alerted by an obnoxiously large message (possibly flashing in the middle of the screen).

To prevent betrayals the other way round, kicked players have 5 seconds where they are immune to team damage and can open doors, however they will still deal reduced damage to teammates and cannot damage team structures.(Only the player being kicked will receive a notification)

This ensures that true betrayal is only possible with enough preparation and will not come without resistance.

No PVP Aggressive players can be irratating.

Most likely, you've been attacked by a fellow player, and quite possibly killed. Isn't that annoying? So what about a game mode removing PVP all together? This shouldn't cause any more distress to anyone than they've purposely caused! It just separates people who are peaceful, (and perhaps subtracts redite.) And the people who want the option of killing each other.

Alpha Dragon
Dragon Without wings
Soon, the dragons in the snow biome are going to become easy to beat. So why not plan ahead and make an Alpha Dragon along with the Dragon nest. The Dragon nest would have baby dragons in it. (Pretty much free exp) But if you try to attack or even get near one,the Alpha Dragon will move toward you. It will try to scare you out of the nest. If it does not scare you,it will start hurting you. If you have no armor on it will take  three quarters of life. You will probably need diamond or amethyst weapons to beat one alone. Along with one of the helmets. You will most likely need a team of at least three people. The Alpha Dragon will have the ability to freeze you. Similar to the spider's web ability just longer.
Roams in the Rain-forest Ambushes you from large trees, and may hide in grass. When on top of you it will attempt to suffocate you. Deals as much damage as a polar bear to a player with no armor when suffocated. When you are being suffocated you move much slower but you can still attack. When not being suffocated the anaconda deals as much damage as a spider to a player with a Viking helmet(First possible helm to craft).
Crabs live on the shore of the beach. You can kill crabs that walk on the beach, and they will give you Crab Claws. You can cook the Crab Claws to get Cooked Crab Claws. Cooked Crab Claws restore 1/4 of your hunger. Crab Claws eaten raw restore 1/10 of your hunger.
Resides in or near water sources such as ponds, streams, or rivers The Crocodile will leap out at you ferociously if they are hiding in the water and you are near the water source they reside in. Otherwise they are slower than you on land.
Lives in the ocean only. The Swordfish is the fastest animal in the ocean. There are only 1 of them in the ocean. They drop a Swordfish Bill, which can be created into a Fish Sword. The marlin is the second strongest ocean mob in the game, Kraken being the first. In order to fight the Swordfish, it is recommended that you make a circle of platforms, attract the Swordfish, and run around the platforms, hitting the swordfish every once in a while.
(Added; hawk)
The only flying mob currently in game. The Bird can fly over walls, trees, and other objects other mobs will be stopped at. It can only be attacked by melee weapons when it lands (sometimes lands on rock, in bush, or in tree). Otherwise, when it flies, the Bird can not be damaged by melee weapons but can be damaged by arrows. It runs away from its attacker like a rabbit.



For shelter from mobs and people Unaffected by a bow and if exposed to the sword, his life reduced fewer and the way more slowly ( by : Ali_Fahmi . )
Fish Sword
It is longer than a sword but slightly shorter than a spear. When you kill a Swordfish, it drops a Swordfish Bill. You can craft a Fish Sword with a Swordfish Bill, Amethyst and Piranha Scales. Does as much damage as an amethyst sword, reaches longer than a sword, but slightly shorter than a spear.
Has its own ore which looks like stone but is whitish-gray. Actual item looks like a bar of iron. Iron is rarer than stone but more common than gold. Can be used to make tools(sword, spear, etc.). Tools made from iron start off 20% stronger than gold but than slowly degrade to stone level due to rust.
Looks like a small sword. Daggers do three-fourths the damage of a spear, but swing 50% faster than a sword. Has a small range.
Obsidian Sword
Obsidian sword
A new and more damaging weapon (to balance the upcoming new armors) A stronger sword with more damage (about 85), but a slower swing speed. Slightly different design from normal in-game swords.
Soul Sword
A high tier sword Starts off mediocre, only doing 38 damage. But the sword feeds off of the souls of other players, so you need to kill people to raise it's damage and speed. For every player you kill, the damage goes up by 2 points, until finally it reaches a max damage of 60, requiring a total of 11 kills to max the damage out. The speed of the sword increases slightly for every 5 people you kill, if you kill 20 people, the speed of the sword will max out, swinging at 1.4x the speed it originally swung at. After 50 kills, the sword vanishes.


In order to be easy to kill the mob and to kill people Ranged damage, however mobs will move in strange ways. ( by : Ali_Fahmi . )
Found in Rain-Forest Grass can be harvested like berry bushes. You may collect grass by hitting it with any weapon(pickaxe, spear, sword).
Combine head gears
People hate it when you have room taken up with head gears, why not combine all the head gears together, like the parka and the helmets together. The way to do this when they finally get to the max of both items, (the parka and the helm), and they can combine it together to make more room, but still have the effects on the helmet/parka.
Wooden Cup
So that you can drink water. 20 wood to craft and an IKEA Manual required. The item will appear in its own separate inventory space. Clicking on it will use up the water inside it, but not the cup. You will regain 3/5 thirst. Up-gradable to bottle.
Grass Bottle
Holds a lot of water, 3 times as much as Wooden Cup. 40 wood and 20 Grass to craft and like weapons or tools(Pickax, Sword, Spear, Coat, etc.) it replaces its previous version(Wooden Cup). You can hold it like an IKEA manual and by left-clicking with your mouse, you can use 1/3 of the water in it. You can collect water by setting it under the rain to collect rainwater or equip it in a water source such as stream, pond, or river to instantly refill it. You may have up to 2 Grass Bottles(one on each side of the backpack). The grass is to hold the bottle together and prevent leaks.
It holds a lot of water. The pitcher holds a lot of water, it holds what 20 water bottles holds, and it is refillable.
Tier 2 bag
To hold even more resource

Since i believe that there will be more items in future updates and you will probably need more items to survive different biomes and right now even with the normal bag your inventory can get stuffed as more items are tacking up inventory space as they are used to assist in survival and it will be lick the noraml bag as it will take up no inventory space and will add 6 slots it will have a different design slightly bigger and wil not slow you down by any means.


This will hold 2 extra inventory space, and it can be used in combination with a bag. I wanted this because it's hard to make inventory space, especially with the new update where you need water bottles. When crafted, the pocket will appear as a brown pocket with a black hole in the middle to look like a pocket, and it will appear on the left side of your person. It will not take an inventory slot and its automatically worn. It adds 2 extra slot. It requires 15 winter fur, 5 wolf fur, and 10 thread to create, and will make getting amethyst a lot easier. When used with a bag, it will create 5 extra slots, with the bag creating 3 extra and the pocket creating 2 extra. It will allow you to do more, but not so much that it's just overpowered. You can hold a sword, pickaxe, hammer, helmet, chapka, wood, stone, water bottles, uncooked meat, cooked meat, fires, diamond, amethyst, and gold, all at the same time. I don't think it's too overpowered. when you've already maxed out your character, you have ameth helm, sword, pickaxe, and all that, the extra slots aren't that helpful. but they could be in future updates. But, when you have the pocket, you can make an amethyst helm without having to worry about inventory space.
Ghillie Suit
To hide from players who are chasing you, or ambush players. If you stay still for 4 seconds, without swinging or moving or getting hit, you will be able to switch on invisible mode, which you can toggle at the bottom of the screen after 4 seconds. Anyone that isn't a tribe member will not be able to see or hurt you. Once you move, you will once again be spottable. This could be used against people who are chasing you, or it could be used to camp at people's base doors and try to go in. If you have a ghillie suit, you can not wear an extra suit or armor, meaning you would be easily dealt with. Night Goggles cancel out the effect of ghillie suits. If you wear Night Goggles, you will be able to see and damage people who are hiding.
Night Goggles
It is used against people who use Ghillie suits, to be able to see and attack people who are hiding with Ghillie Suits Should be able to wear in conjunction with another suit or armor. The Night Goggles allows players who are hiding with a Ghillie Suit to be seen and damaged by someone with Night Goggles.
Idea ; Boat
? Add boats. Have the tier one boat resemble a rowboat. It should hold one person, and move slightly faster than someone with nothing equipped. The second tier of boats should be a sailboat. this should allow up to two people, have 'sails' and go slightly faster than the rowboat. Both boats are pilot able with WASD and you dismount by pressing 'space'. Furthermore, boats should slowly drift away when you leave them. To remedy this make a dock (like wooden planks) that your boat can attach too.


Who pilots sailboat? Whoever gets in first/owner

How do you re-enter? 'space' or walking aboard.

Footwear To increase moving speed and provide slight warmth, and could be worn in conjunction with any headwear. Leather Shoes and socks – Made of wolf fur, rabbit fur and thread. Increases your moving speed in the forest biome by 20%. Also very slightly reduces cold loss (less than earmuffs).

Eskimo Boots and winter stockings – Made of winter fur and blue thread. Increases your moving speed in both the forest and winter biomes by 25%. That means that walking with the boots in winter is as fast as walking in the forest without any footwear. Also provides cold protection as much as a coat. (If worn with cap & scarf, you will not lose warmth in the forest, even at night.)

-The Broodmother Update -


Crown of Berserk - (Purple gem crown)

Purple Gem - (Crafting material)

Heart of the Broodmother - (Great hammer with black handle and red head)

Spider Heart - (Crafting material)

The Broodmother - (Spider boss)

If this gets implemented, it will be a big and tremendous update. Starve kinda needs a big update too. This update package will allow for new and better pvp strategies, and it will add more to the game.

The Crown of Berserk is a crown created with a purple gem. It looks like other crowns, except the gems are purple. This crown will make the wearer do 150% damage with every weapon. However, the wearer's speed will be cut down to 75%, to balance it out. The slowness effect will stack if the wearer is wielding a weapon. This will not be good for killing mobs or chasing people, as you will be too slow. However, if your group is battling another group, this could be used to deal devastating damage to opponents, while teammates with armor will defend and take all damage. This crown will be made using a purple gem, spider heart, and 200 gold. Feel free to tweak anything to make this crown either more or less powerful.

A purple gem will be obtained by killing 5 players before 1 day. Yes, this will encourage player killing, but in one day, the only players you will be able to kill are freshspawns. Feel free to tweak anything to either make this gem harder or easier to obtain.

Heart of the Broodmother will also be in this package, which is a greathammer, similar in shape to other hammers, which swings at 2/3 the speed of swords. However, this hammer deals 24 damage and heals the wielder for 8. Bypasses 20% of armor. It has a longer range than sword yet a shorter range than spear. When Heart of the Broodmother is used in conjunction with the Crown of Berserk, only the damage of the weapon will be increased, but not the drain. Feel free to tweak anything to make the Heart of the Broodmother either more or less powerful.

A spider heart can be used to craft two things: Crown of Berserk, and Heart of the Broodmother. A spider heart can be obtained by killing The Broodmother.

The Broodmother has a 33%, or 1/3% chance to spawn at the beginning of every night. She does not spawn in the day, and if she isn't killed before day, she will vanish and no drops will be rewarded. The Broodmother spawns in a random lake in the forest. She is slightly faster than normal spider, and she will deal twice the damage and will take about 30 hits from a gold sword before dying. She can web players but the web is weaker than a normal spider's. She has the same web range as a normal spider. The broodmother is a bigger version of the normal spider and looks more detailed and vicious. It is recommended that she is killed with a team. 

That's it. Again, this is multiple suggestions in one, and since I am inept in drawing textures, someone else will have to do it, if this update is implemented.

Desert Biome
Another biome to explore, but instead of getting cold you get hot. Make a desert biome (with appropriate features) on the left side of the map. Getting hot means you lose water faster.
Rain-forest Biome
A new biome with streams, rivers, ponds, and rain. Beginners will spawn in the Rain-forest. Going into a stream,river, or pond refills your thirst. You will gradually lose thirst starting from the beginning of your day 2(This is to make it easier for beginners). In the Rain-forest there are anacondas and crocodiles in ponds. Ponds grow in size when it rains. It rains every 2 days in this biome. There are grass and trees and very few rocks. There are also mushrooms as berries.
Spawning Roots
Provides small help for beginners exclusively Edible roots found in forest only. Value = berry (10% of hunger bar). About 5 of these should be in the woods at all times, so they aren't exactly all that common (randomly)

However, they can only be harvested by hand. After all, is your sword going to help you carefully pluck roots? Axe? Nope. This discourages players with full inventory slots from "snacking" on the roots, keeping them away from the low level players. They provide 0 points when harvested. Their unappetizing appearance will stave players away who are not in need, and the The root takes up separate inventory slots than berries, so players that have established farms will be unlikely to harvest many, and also it requires a spare slot to use your hand.

All in all, this idea benefits the beginner player very slightly, and really doesn't affect the flow of the game or late game. Players can walk over roots without collision (like a retracted door).

Right-hand chat window
It's sometimes hard to coordinate while teaming when you're on different sides of the map. When players chat, their message also shows in the chat window for long-range communication
Player Tracker/Teleporter as Spectator
whats the point of spectating if there's nothing to spectate Allows you to see/teleport to players
Location of teammates
Sometimes you need to help your friend to kill a mob or player and you don't know where is he(She) You can see a dot in the map for each player ho is in your team, but you cant see the name of it.
Private messages
Sometimes it's so annoying

try to talk with your mate

but they are so far

Make a private chat box

exclusive for teams with totem

(and right hand chat for

teams without totem)

then the players can

see older messages

by scrolling the chat box


Invisible Guy)

Three kingdom update There will be three kindoms the north east and west (south will be the demonic kingdom where you can kill the demon king and unock some achievements) 

When the three crowns were implemented into the game it gave me an idea maybe there could be three kingdoms and the quests could be given to you by the kings of the certain empire you would be in and you will need certain items to start up the quest like and cap and scarf to start the one for dragon gear (this will be the northern kingdom) if you fail the quests you could be exiled form the kindom for 7 in game days and if you try to go into the kingdom the guards will attack you but you can retry the quest after these 7 days(two gold guards at the gate with gold swords two with gold spears next to the king with gold helmets and in each kindom the king will wear a different crown) but if you finish the quest you will be given the quest items when you return to the kindom where you got the quest and will be given entrans to the kindoms shop where you can trade with npc(maybe the demonic kingdom will attack 7 days after you complete all the quests and there will be a chice to combine a crown to the dragon helmet (this you can only do once as you only have one dragon helmet and it will give you both effects of the helmets) after this happends the demon king awakens and the text will appear in your screen you can either go to their kingdom and find his chamber and steal his heart (chamber protected by diamon level guards you can do this as a team but it should be possible to do solo) if you do not do this in 7 days you will have to fight a boss they will be slower than you but will habe a lot of health they will not regenerate but can spawn stone level minions 1 per 2 minuetes if you kill them you will get an achievement (linked to character accounts) btw i'm deleting quest station because I made it and with this ther is no reason for it to be there anymore 


Player accounts

(Added, you can earn golden bread for cosmetics/bag & book. The leveled up specialties are still suggestions.)

A login 

With this you will be able to unlock vanity items with different achievements e.g. baby steps (getting wood) achievement that could give you a plain different colour skin and maybe you could unlock survival upgrades with points you get (it won't be cheap) like 500 thousand to make your hunger go down faster (no speed upgrades as that is too overpowered) there will also be different upgrades like a tattoo by getting amyphyese which will effect gameplay and pints can be used to designs your character (won't be more expensive than something like hunger but will still be pricey) like tattoos for the face and.


Add customized

and default skins

(ideal for youtubers)
Sometimes, some players

wanna have their own

skins, for recording their

videos and upload to


Add a lot of skins (bought by points

with adding login mode) or players can

customize their own skins (other

players can't see and it's ideal

for Youtubers) (by

Invisible Guy)

Heros vs Villains Game Mode New game mode to promote farming. Add new game mode with players spawning as heroes, villains or peasants. High chance to spawn as peasant(50-75%)

Peasants start with peasant tunic, 4 wheat seeds, and windmill.

Chance st spawn as villain or hero.

Heros and villains have increased damage with fists (as much as zombie at night), increased speed (like vampires at night), and high health.

Villains gain points for killing peasants.

Heros gain points when peasants are alive (1-2 per second for every pesant alive).

forest-only map (like in zombie mode)

no diamonds or amethysts in map, only obtainable through bread trading, promotes farming.

Easy Mode Some people think is too hard but community modes dont give level progress or golden bread. There are some people who like, but its too hard for them. so why not make a game mode like normal mode, except the health bar is the only one that goes down and mobs do 25% less damage, but you only earn 50% as much golden bread, and the shop is disabled.

Top 5 suggestions

Idea Category Description Votes
Desert Biome World Make a desert biome (with appropriate features) on the left side of the map. Getting hot means you lose water faster. 79
Crafting Improvement Gameplay Make it possible to craft faster not only by using an IKEA manual but also just by gradually improving your crafting "skills" for an item. For example, you could make it so that when you've crafted 10 walls it will only take 3 s. to create new walls instead of 5 s.

(I'd recommend a maximum crafting time decrease of between 1/5 and 1/3)

Separate Armour Gameplay Add 2 slots specifically for wearables: Coat and helmet. 57
Bird Mobs The Bird can fly over walls, trees, and other objects other mobs will be stopped at. It can only be attacked by melee weapons when it lands (sometimes lands on rock, in bush, or in tree). Otherwise, when it flies, the Bird can not be damaged by melee weapons but can be damaged by arrows. It runs away from its attacker like a rabbit. 51
Right-hand chat window Other When players chat, their message also shows in the chat window for long-range communication. 48

(results taken from poll on 2018-02-19)

Implemented Suggestions

Category Idea Description
Items Amethyst Helmet The helm reduces damage even more from attacks from mobs and other players.
Clock To help players to get to their base or to a fire when night starts and to help people to survive everywhere as cold can kill people very easily if they can't find a fire. It will act like a bag as it will not take up an inventory slot and the clock symbol will appear in the top right corner under the leader board. Displays time of day.
Sign Add a sign (25 wood) that the person who placed it can edit, that you can walk through and will tell players its message when they hit it.
Choose how many items you want to throw away If you press the right button on the item, you will throw 1 unit away, if you hold shift while pressing the right button you will throw 10 units away.
Graphics Quality Settings Quality settings that will change the quality from higher to lower settings for players to adapt so their computer doesn't lag as much.
Other Keyboard layout settings There's a button setting at home page for the layout setting. QWERTY or AZERTY.
Thirst Basically like Food, you slowly go down, but thirst goes down faster. You will need to get water from streams/rivers.

Media:Headline text

$ Insert formula here $deverian agregar mas mobs para el oceano como tiburones, calamares, castores, algo haci y unas cañas que te sirvirian para pescar se haria con; 40 de madera y 6 de hilo


mas oceano!

Inv wood Wood

Savages,those guys that kill by no reason,make them when you exit,they only get your items,not your score



electric biome

can be accesed by a portal in the center of the map. looks exactly like the forest except for a cave at the top-left corner. [1][2]the electric biome can hold dangerous lightning storms.===Type=== biome

how to get there

in a portal at an island in the center of the map.

dangerous stuff

lightning storms, electric monsters, electric dragons and lightning are all dangerous.

ores and tools

electric ore, used to power and make the best tools and armor and make transportation devices, mining devices, ect.

has a lightning cave which holds electric ore, guarded by the electric dragon.

lightning storm Edit

A lightning storm is a lot like a sandstorm, except it does 20 damage every 5 seconds, strikes lightning every so often and it cannot be fully protected from. The damage from the storm itself can be protected by roofs, while as roofs get destroyed by lightning, but during that they reduce the lightnings damage from 50 to 25. When lightning strikes, it has a 10% chance of spawning a mutant lightning monster.

mobs Edit

  • Lightning monster does 15 damage every 5 seconds in contact with a player and has 30 health. Will sometimes pause when near the player and summon a mini lightning bolt. the mini lightning bolt is slower and does less damage (25 damage) then a normal lightning bolt and can be dodged easily. Its best to take advantage of them pausing. Drops 1 lightning, which can be used like an arrow, except it doesn't need a bow and does 15 damage
  • Mutant lightning monster does 25 damage evry 5 seconds is contact with a player and has 50 health. Can shoot small laser that deal 15 damage. A Mutant lightning monster drops 3 lightning and 1 uranium which can craft a uranium sword and uranium walls and door.
  • Lightning dragon does 75 damage every 5 seconds in contact with the player and has 300 health. it drops a infinite power source which is a thing that will allow you to make a infinite pickaxe or a laser door and will power anything instantly and infinitely. It also drops 5 cooked meat.
  • Radioactive fish has 10 health, does no damage and drops 1 cooked meat.


all electric tools use up 1 electric ore per second using, unless you have an infinite power source in your inventory

  • Quick Hammer 80 build damage 10 damage and has a 0.2 reload. crafting needs a crafting bench and a fire. recipe is 1 super hammer and 10 electric ore and 120 riedite.
  • Electric Digger is like a x10 shovel. does no damage. crafting is 1 amythest shovel and 1 electric ore and it requires a crafting bench.
  • Drill requires a crafting bench and recipe is 90 riedite and 5 electric ore and 1 riedite pickaxe. does 10 damage and mines 3x the amount of anything.
  • Electric Sword requires to be in a lightning cave and have a crafting bench. The recipe is 1 riedite sword, 2 electric ore and 50 riedite. It does 50 damage.
  • Electric Armor requires to be in a lightning cave and to have a crafting bench. The recipe is 150 riedite, 1 riedite armor, and 40 electric ore. It has animal protection 50, and player protection 25. It takes up 2 electric ore per hit.
  • Uranium Sword requires to have heat ,a crafting bench and an electric cave. The recipe for it is 3 uranium and 1 electric sword. It also does 100 damage.
  • Infinite Pickaxe requires water, heat and a crafting bench. The recipe is 2 infinite power source, 1 electric pickaxe and 20 electric ore.


  • Laser Door is a door with spikes that open atuomatically for people in the owners team and the owner. It does 50 damage per second and Requires heat and a crafting bench to craft. the recipe is 1 riedite door with spikes and 1 infinite power source.
  • Uranium Door is a door that does 60 damage when touching a player. It has 5000 durability. It requires a crafting bench, and the recipe is 2 uranium, 30 electric, and 1 riedite wall.
  • Uranium Wall is a wall that does 75 damage when touching a player and has 6000 durability. It requires a crafting bench and the recipe for 10 is 2 uranium, 200 electric and 10 riedite wall.
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