Cooked fish is a food item made by cooking a fish using any type of fire/heat source. This is recommended, as raw fish causes food poisoning (damage to a player's life bar), and has less food value. Fish can be dropped by GMO piranhas or Krakens.

More Information

Food Bar

Restores: 35% of the food bar

Life Bar

Damages: 0% of the life bar

Water Bar

Restores: 0% of the water bar

Cooked fish along with raw fish was added in the "Vamos A La Playa" update.

You need 3 cooked fish to fully restore the food bar.

The GMO piranha drops 2 raw fishes. The kraken drops 5 raw fishes.

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Crafting Station
Firecraft Heat Source
Item(s) Amount
Inv fish Fish 1
Inv fish cooked Cooked Fish
Category Meat (1) Food
Raw Ingredients New inv fruit Berries · Inv pumpkin Pumpkin · Inv garlic Garlic · Inv meat raw Raw Meat · Inv fish Fish · Inv flour Flour · Inv-carrot-out Carrot · Inv-tomato-out Tomatoes · Inv-aloe-vera-in Aloe Vera · Inv-cactus-in Cactus
Protein Inv meat cooked Cooked Meat · Inv fish cooked Cooked Fish
Bakery Inv bread Bread · Inv sandwich Sandwich · New inv cookie Cookies · New inv cake Cake
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