Food Bar

Restores: 35% of the food bar

Life Bar

Damages: 0% of the life bar

Water Bar

Restores: 0% of the water bar

Crafting Station
Firecraft.png Heat Source
Item(s) Amount
Inv meat raw.png Raw Meat 1
Inv meat cooked.png Cooked Meat
Used in
Inv sandwich.png Sandwich


Cooked meat can be made by cooking raw meat near a heat source. Cooked meat needs time (about 10 seconds) to be crafted, taking copious lengths with large amounts. Therefore, it is advised to use an IKEA Manual when crafting large numbers of cooked meat.


  • When using weapons, hunting for meat is more efficient for the long run over berries.
  • Large amounts of meat are more easily obtainable than berries (farms required for berries and wheat to be a reliable food source)
  • Can be used to craft the sandwich, which replenishes 100% of the food bar when consumed.


  • 2 spaces are needed to obtain cooked meat, to hold both raw and cooked meat.
  • Players need a heat source to cook food.
  • Crafting the meat takes time (potential danger of starving/players/cold/hostile mobs and wasting time doing nothing) – switch on auto-feed before crafting (press R)

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