Crab is a mob that spawns along the beach, at the edge of the islands. It used to be unique in being the first mob that is neutral. Crabs will wander around peacefully until they are attacked by a player, in which case they will fight back and give chase to the player. Crabs are able to move into the winter and forest biomes while agro-ed.

An agro-ed crab has the same speed as the player when holding a weapon, so it's hard to kill this mob if you have little space. It's recommended to engage out of water, as they pack a punch and hit quickly. Dangerous for noobs, and if you get destroyed by it, you should check the Strategy page to see where it all went wrong.

Upon death, the Crab drops 1 crab claw, and 1 crab stick. These two items are all foods. Both crab claws and crab sticks can be used to craft the Crab Spear and Crab Helmet, which can be used to heal crabs and make crabs follow the player, respectively.

Crab is also the only neutral mob that is unable to be tamed, though King Crab can.


Despite its high speed, you can kill a crab by attacking it slowly (do not try this against a king crab, as you will always die). However, you must attack even slower than you would kill an arctic fox, and be very careful when you turn. Another method is to kill the crab with a pickaxe or machete.

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