The Crab Spear is a special spear that was added in the "Crabs In the Bed" update. It does the same amount of damage as a stone spear. In addition, the Crab Spear also has several unique abilities:

1.With the spear, you can calm down aggressive crabs and king crabs.

2.You can also heal the crabs and king crabs with the spear.

Crafting Station
Workcraft.png Workbench
Item(s) Amount
New inv spear wood.png Wooden Spear 1
Crab Claw.png Crab Claws 5
Inv thread.png Thread 6
Crab Spear.png Crab Spear

More Information

The crab spear is an essential weapon to have while wearing a Crab Helmet as it allows you to heal and control the crabs that follow you. You can make an army of crabs by equipping a crab helmet and crab spear. Crab gear is almost useless on Amethyst/Reidite/Dragon Helmet users. The damage of Crab Spear will increase to 24 while riding the Tamed King Crab and wearing Crab Helmet, which is equal to a lava spear.

The Crab Spear cannot be upgraded into any higher tier spear.

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