Attention: The recipes have been changed since the time when this guide was written. For current recipes, please refer to the crafting boxes to the right or the recipes page.


Crafting is an action of making an item from resources. This is a comprehensive guide for new players to learn the ways of crafters! Crafting is essential for acquiring tools and weapons, which allow the player to advance.

Crafting Station
Item(s) Amount
Inv wood.png Wood 10
Inv pickaxe wood.png Wooden Pickaxe

Getting a Wooden Pickaxe

You might want to craft a diamond pickaxe, or amethyst helmet, but whatever your dreams are, you need to craft a wooden pickaxe before crafting anything. The reason being, because you can't mine anything but wood by hand. As you advance in the game, you will be able to acquire more advanced resources.

Step 1: Mining Wood

So let's say we don't have anything yet. Let's get some wood. You need to find a tree, and press left click of your mouse/mousepad to mine wood! 10 is our goal!

Mining Step 1.png

Pro tip: Try to mine two at a time if possible, but don't go actively searching for a double node. You'll just be wasting time.

Step 2: Crafting a Wooden Pickaxe

Do you have 10 wood? Okay, now you should see the Inv pickaxe wood.png button at the left top corner of your screen! Make sure your bar aren't too low, and click on it!

Mining Step 2.png

Step 3: Waiting

Crafting a wooden pickaxe takes a few seconds. So wait! Do not right click or it will cancel the crafting, and you will not get your materials back.

Mining Step 3.png

Unfortunately, you cannot mine, eat or attack anything when you are crafting. Make sure you are in a safe, warm place, and that your food bar is full before starting a craft, especially items that have long crafting times. (We'll get into those later)

Step 4: Move on!

Enjoy your wooden pickaxe! If you are cold, you may want to craft a campfire (25 wood, 5 stone). If you don't see a Inv workbench.png around, you need to prepare a workbench (20 wood, 10 stone) for the next step. To place either items, just click on the item in your inventory, and place it wherever you feel like it. Note that you can't place items next to other man-made structures.

Now, onto real crafting.

Crafting Station
Workcraft.png Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv wood.png Wood 50
Inv stone.png Stone 15
Inv pickaxe wood.png Wooden Pickaxe 1
Inv pickaxe stone.png Stone Pickaxe

Crafting with a Workbench

Assuming that you have a Inv workbench.png near you, whether you built it or not, let's use it! You can craft almost anything with this workbench. If you know what you want to craft, go see the recipes! I'll show you how to craft the stone pickaxe with a workbench. Note that you still can't craft the diamond pickaxe or the amethyst helmet because you don't have diamonds or amethyst... yet.

Step 1: Mining Stone

With a pickaxe, you can mineInv stone.png. Stone age!Crafting Step 1.png

I'm killing two birds with one stone... except I'm killing one tree and one stone with one wooden pickaxe...

Step 2: Crafting

Find a workbench! Or make one! Stand next to it! Press button! If you want to craft a stone pickaxe like I am, you need 50 wood and 15 stone.Crafting Step 2.png

Step 3: Waiting

As you progress, crafting will take longer! Do not right click or it will cancel everything. Crafting time can be shortened by equipping an Ikea Manual. The Ikea Manual is actually required for crafting some items, such as amethyst-tier weapons, as they take so long to craft otherwise, that the player dies from starvation.Crafting Step 3.png

Stone pickaxe.png

Step 4: Enjoying

Now you know how to craft pretty much anything if you can get the materials. If you want to craft seeds, paper, or cook some Inv meat cooked.png, then all you need to do is repeat the process but next to a fire. If you want to fill a watering can or a bottle with water, then you need to stand above a lake or the ocean. Some of the most advanced equipment in the game will need a fire, water AND a workbench in close proximity to craft. Good luck!

More Information

The amount of points given for crafting an item is worked out using this formula:

Score = [Time to be Crafted in Milliseconds] x 0.002 x [Resource Amount x Score Linked with this Resource].

Keep in mind that although the first couple ages(wood stone gold) you do not need to properly manage your bars. However if you wish to progress to higher level gear you will need book becuase it quikens crafting time so you do not die while crafting. When making extremely high level gear you need to make a fire crafting table and have a water source nearby in order to craft. When crafting such tools you will have to make sure your food bar is full and you have access to heat and water as well.

This article was made by 109Natsu! If you have any requests for guides/articles, message us on discord!

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