Crafting Station
Workcraft.png Workbench

Firecraft.png Heat Source

Watercraft.png Water

Item(s) Amount
Inv gold.png Gold 200
Inv gem blue.png Blue Gem 1
Inv dragon heart.png Dragon Heart 1
Inv angel crown.png Crown of the Angel


The Crown of the Angel is a Crown that was added in the "Purge" update. When equipped, it allows the player to turn into a ghost upon receiving fatal damage instead of the usual death. Unlike dragon hearts, this resource is not consumed and may be used infinitely. To fully resurrect, a resurrection stone must be reached within 60 seconds; if the player stays in the ghost form for longer than a minute, they will die. After resurrection, the player will keep all of their items except for their weapons and Super Hammer. They will also lose two thirds of their points.


This item is crafted with 200 gold, the Blue Gem, and 1 dragon heart. To obtain the Blue Gem, the player must not attack any other players, passive mobs, or non-angered neutral mobs, for 6 days. They are also not allowed to place spikes or door spikes. Additionally, the player must be in a water source (bridges are optional), near a fire, and near a workbench at the same time when crafting is started.


  • The Crown of the Angel only offers half the protection of the other crowns, equal to the protection level of the Stone Helmet.

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