Crowns are clothing that allows players to gain a special effect when equipped. Wearing a crown will also provide some protection along with the effect. Currently, there are three types of crowns: the Crown of Life, Crown of Luck, and Crown of the Angel. To craft crowns, players need to complete chrono quests to receive special gems, and craft them with gold near a workbench, heat, and water source.

Crown of Life

Crown of Life is a clothing that allows players to regenerate their health bar much faster when equipped. This was added in the Chrono Quests update. It provides the same level of protection as a golden helmet.

When equipped, a big chunk of the health bar gets healed approximately every ten seconds until it reaches full capacity, or about the same effect as a bandage.

Crown of Luck

Crown of Luck was added in the Purge update. Players wearing this have a higher chance to find a rare item in the treasure chests when equipped. It will also protect the players as much as a golden helmet.

Crown of the Angel

Crown of the Angel was added in the Purge update. When equipped, it allows players to resurrect themselves without a dragon heart. To resurrect, a resurrection stone is still needed. It also gives as much protection as the golden helmet.

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