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The desert is a biome added in the "Desert" update. The Desert is currently in the southeast corner of the map, covering roughly 1/5 of the map. The desert temperature is a big threat to the player. During the day, it is hot in the desert, though not as hot as the Lava Biome. During the night, it is about as cold as the Forest at night. The cold at nighttime can be reduced with any coat, but a turban is especially effective. Turbans are the only way to reduce the heat in the daytime, as Heat Protections do not work. Also, there is the threat of sandstorms, like blizzards in the winter, but more powerful. The sandstorm will do damage to players rapidly and can easily kill them. The only way to protect yourself from it is by wearing a Turban, or by hiding under a roof.

The desert contains two dangerous enemies, the vulture and sandworm. The vulture is essentially an aggressive hawk with more health, flying through the air and attacking players who are not covered by roofs. The sandworm is a powerful mob that chases the player underneath the sand and only can be hit when above the ground. The sandworm can also damage structures, although it is weaker than the Dragon.


  • Since the desert is hot in the day and cold in the night, make sure you have some sort of fire source and ice. Also, a sandstorm may happen at any given time, so make sure you have some roofs, or a turban/cap. You can ignore these if you have a Ninja Outfit or Pilot Hat, as your tempurature stays level, and you are almost immune to sandstorms.
  • If you make a base in the desert, make sure it has roofs and bridges, to protect yourself from vultures, sandworms, and sandstorms.



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