Diamond sword is the mid-tier sword. It is a great weapon for inflicting the most damage to other players or mobs. Diamond sword deals sufficient damage to quickly hunt almost any players or mobs (except Boss Mobs, of course). Diamond sword is the upgrade from the Golden Sword, consuming additional 80 Stone, 60 Gold and 40 Diamond. It can be further upgraded to the Amethyst sword, requiring the player to venture further into the Cave.


Diamond Sword is a mid-game item so its damage is enough to kill mobs inside the Winter with proper skills, but it's still recommended to upgrade it into the Amethyst Sword. However, some people would prefer to stay at Diamond Sword to save their time, which they would use to kill the Dragon and finish the quest, then craft themselves the Dragon Sword, essentially skipping a level.

More Information

Diamond Sword was added to the game since the release of the game.

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