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Inv pickaxe diamond Strategies
Inv meat cooked Player Status Bars
Inv explorerhat Map
 Inv Cap and scarf Biomes
Tree4 ForestWorld ore snowstone WinterInv bottle full Ocean
Inv fruit Survival Kits
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Inv big fire Story


Mining Resources

Name Image Obtaining Name Image Obtaining
Inv wood
From Trees. Stone
Inv stone
From Stone Deposits.
Inv gold
From Gold Deposits. Diamond
Inv diamond
From Diamond Deposits in the winter.
Inv amethyst
From Amethyst Deposits in the cave.

Ground Resources

Name Image Biome Name Image Biome Name Image Biome
Inv dirt
Dig with shovel in Forest Sand
Inv sand
Dig with shovel in Beach Ice Cube
Inv ice
Dig with shovel in Winter

Quest Rewards

Name Image Obtaining
Blue Orb
New inv blue orb
By gathering a dragon heart in less than 5 days
Blue Cube
New inv blue cube
By gathering 1 amethyst in less than 6 days
Gems Green Gem
Inv gem green
By surviving without losing life for 4 days
Orange Gem
Inv gem orange
By opening 5 treasure chests within 2 days
Blue Gem
Inv gem blue
By not harming any other players or rabbits for 6 days ("Be Peaceful")
White Wolf Fur
Inv white wolf fur
By collecting 100 bread in deep winter within 3 days.
Black Wolf Fur
Inv black wolf fur
By surviving in winter for five days after 1/2 day of preparation.


Name Image Obtaining Name Image Obtaining
Rabbit Fur
Inv rabbit fur
By killing rabbits. Wolf Fur
Inv wolf fur
By killing wolves.
Inv thread
By killing spiders. Winter Fur
Inv winter fur
By killing arctic foxes or polar bears.
Dragon Heart
Inv dragon heart
By killing a dragon Piranha Scales
Inv piranha scales
By killing GMO Piranha in the Ocean biome.
Kraken Skin
Inv kraken skin
By killing Kraken boss


Name Image Obtaining Name Image Obtaining
New inv fruit
By collecting from bushes.
Raw Meat
Inv meat raw
By killing rabbits, wolves, arctic foxes, polar bears, or dragons. Cooked Meat
Inv meat cooked
By cooking Raw Meat near a fire.
Inv bread
By cooking Flour near a fire. Sandwich
Inv sandwich
By crafting bread and sandwich together.
New inv cookie
By cooking 3x Flour and a Berry near a fire. Cake
New inv cake
By cooking 5x Flour, 2x Berries and 10x Ice Cube near a fire.
Inv fish
By killing GMO Piranha or Kraken. Cooked Fish
Inv fish cooked
By cooking Fish near a fire.



Category Image Types Name Image
Inv amethyst pickaxe
Wooden, Stone, Golden, Diamond, Amethyst IKEA Manual
Inv book
Inv hammer amethyst
Stone, Golden, Diamond, Amethyst, Super Wrench
Inv wrench
Inv shovel amethyst
Stone, Golden, Diamond, Amethyst Watering Can
Inv can full
Inv bucket full


Category Image Types
New inv sword amethyst
Stone, Golden, Diamond, Amethyst, Dragon
New inv spear amethyst
Stone, Golden, Diamond, Amethyst


Category Name Image Category Name Image
Helmets Stone Helmet
Inv stone helmet
Chapkas Earmuffs
Inv earmuffs
Golden Helmet
Inv gold helmet
Inv coat
Diamond Helmet
Inv diamond helmet
'Cap and Scarf'
Inv Cap and scarf
Amethyst Helmet
Inv amethyst helmet
Misc Clothing Explorer's Hat
Inv explorerhat
Dragon Helmet
New inv dragon helmet
Inv bag
Crowns Crown of Life
Inv life crown
Inv hood
Crown of Luck
Inv luck crown
Winter Hood
Inv bag
Crown of the angel
Inv angel crown
Peasant's Tunic
Inv peasant tunic
Diving Suits Diving Mask
Inv diving mask
Winter Peasant's Tunic
Inv winter peasant tunic
Diving Suit
Inv diving suit


Name Image Types Name Image Types
Inv amethyst wall
Wooden, Stone, Golden, Diamond, Amethyst Fires
Inv big fire
Campfire, Big Fire, Furnace
Inv amethyst door
Wooden, Stone, Golden, Diamond, Amethyst Agricultural Structures
Inv mill
Windmill, Plant Plot, Bread Oven, Seeds, Wheat Seeds
Inv amethyst spikewall
Wooden, Stone, Golden, Diamond, Amethyst Miscellaneous Structures
Inv workbench
Workbench, Chest, Seeds, Resurrection Stone, Totem, Bridge

Miscellaneous Items

Name Image Name Image Name Image Name


Inv paper
Blue Thread
Inv blue cord
Inv lock
Inv bottle
Inv bandage
Inv key
Water Bottle
Inv bottle full


Name Image Behavior Location Name Image Behavior Location
Passive Forest Wolf
Hostile Forest
Hostile Forest Arctic Fox
Winter fox
Hostile Winter
Polar Bear
Hostile Winter Dragon
Hostile Cave
GMO Piranha
GMO Piranha
Hostile Ocean Kraken
Hostile Ocean
Surprise Anywhere

Mentioned Features

Name Image About Notes
Red Orb Redorb Can only be acquired from survival kits, costing 500,000 points. Used to craft the Cursed Sword.
Cursed Sword Inv sword cursed An upgrade from Dragon Sword. This sword has high damage, reduces cold of enemies and can harvest all resources, but cannot be unequipped, and increases cold and hunger.

Wikia Information

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Inv fire Playing Times
Player Contributors
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Notes From Contributors

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    by this time i was already thriving, with at least 4 meat in my inventory. I also had 2 cords and 2 rabbit fur... Almost enough to make a Peasant's Tunic.

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    Btw, this fanfic censors swear words in funny ways.

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    Lisa (Jeremy's Mom): Sorry son, your dad couldn't find any wolves to kill today.

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