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Dragon is the third most dangerous and powerful mob in, beaten only by the Kraken and Lava Dragon. For a player to reach a Dragon, one must traverse to the very end of the snow biome, where the dragons guard the Amethyst. The cave in which the amethyst is in is guarded by multiple dragons (up to 6 at once). If you have trouble passing the dragons, you can use an explorer hat.

The dragon can destroy buildings (90 building damage) so trapping the dragon is not recommended.


The most common way to kill a dragon is to lead it under the row of 3 diamonds, then attack the dragon through the cracks. Note that while the dragon cannot escape (except out the sides) it can still attack you through the diamonds, so you will need to move up and down as you attack. You can also kill a dragon by standing against a wall (amethyst is recommended), or one of the diamonds at the entrance, but these methods are generally less preferred.

Another way to kill the dragon is to use a sled. Although the quest says to kill the dragon inside the cave, you can actually kill it anywhere in winter. Similarly, you can build a 2x2 trap outside the cave (since mobs cannot destroy buildings outside their own biome).

Along with meat, the dragon drops the Dragon Heart, the item that, in conjunction with the resurrection stone, can bring players back to life after dying. The Dragon Heart is also used in crafting the Dragon Helmet, Dragon Sword, and Crown of the Angel. You need 2 inventory slot available to get the heart, as the game prioritizes meat.

More Information

Some methods to kill dragons include trapping it with walls (must be stone or higher). Placing down a wall and swinging through the wall at the dragon will let you deal damage to the Dragon, and the dragon cannot hurt you, or you can draw the dragon to the forest biome where it is slower and is easier to kill.

Dragon sprite was updated:

Dragon at night

Dragon at day

Dragons before an update

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