Dragon is the second most dangerous and powerful mob in, beaten only by the Kraken. To reach it, one must traverse to the very end of the snow biome, where they guard Amethyst. The cave in which the amethyst is in is guarded by multiple dragons (up to 5 at once), making it extremely difficult to pass them. You can use walls or explorer's hat to pass them. Since a recent update of it has become stronger, faster and can destroy buildings quicker.


To combat this difficulty, players often wall off the dragons so that they get trapped in a corner and can no longer attack them. Since the Christmas Update came out, Dragons slowly destroy buildings around it; therefore, it is recommended to use stone or gold walls, since wood walls get destroyed fast. If you don't have them, you can simply use a wrench to repair the walls. but it is recommended to use a wrench anyways.

Dragons ignore players wearing an explorer's hat, but they still can attack if a player left clicks, meaning mining amethyst ore.

Along with meat, the dragon drops the Dragon Heart, the item that, in conjunction with the resurrection stone, can bring players back to life after dying. The Dragon Heart is also used in crafting the Crown of the Angel.

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Dragon sprite was updated:


Dragon at day

Dragon at night

Dragon at night

Dragon before update:


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