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The Dragon Spear is a tool/weapon used for damaging entities within the world. It does less damage than a dragon sword (it does the same damage as golden sword), but has a longer attack range/reach and can attack from a far distance. Due to this range, the Dragon Spear is very efficient at farming rabbits (more hits) and killing aggressive mobs from a safe distance.

More Information

Crafting Station
Workcraft.png Workbench

Watercraft.png Water

Firecraft.png Heat Source

Item(s) Amount
New inv blue orb.png Blue Orb 1
Inv dragon heart.png Dragon Heart 3
Inv blue cord.png Blue Thread 20
Inv amethyst.png Amethyst 100
Inv spear dragon.png Dragon Spear

The Dragon Spear is crafted using a blue orb, 20 Inv blue cord.png Blue Thread, 3 Dragon Hearts and 100 Amethyst, and needs a workbench, water, and heat source. It can be upgraded to a lava spear. It was added in the "Merry Christmas!" update.

Also, Dragon Spear has the same damage as Golden Sword.

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