Drops are items obtained by the player upon killing a mob in the game. Currently, there are nine types of items mobs can drop upon death, depending on which type of mob the player kills.

Raw Meat

Raw meat can be obtained by killing any type of mob besides spiders, GMO piranhas and krakens. It is consumed as food. Raw meat can only restore a small portion of the food bar, however cooking it will drastically increase the amount of the food bar filled. Raw meat will have priority over any other drops if the inventory space is limited. Be warned that consuming raw meat will deal a small amount of damage to the life bar.

Mob Image Number of Raw Meat Dropped
Spider Spider.png (0)
Rabbit Rabbit.png Inv meat raw.png (1)
Wolf Wolf.png Inv meat raw.png Inv meat raw.png (2)
Arctic Fox Winter fox.png Inv meat raw.png Inv meat raw.png (2)
Polar Bear Bear.png Inv meat raw.png Inv meat raw.png Inv meat raw.png (3)
Dragon Newdrags.png Inv meat raw.png Inv meat raw.png Inv meat raw.png Inv meat raw.png Inv meat raw.png (5)

Rabbit Fur

Rabbit fur is a type of fur dropped exclusively by rabbits upon death. They are used to craft earmuffs, peasant's tunic, hood, and the explorer's hat.

Wolf Fur

Wolf fur is a type of fur dropped exclusively by wolves upon death. They are used to craft coat, hood, Ikea Manual and the bag.


Thread is dropped by spiders upon death. They drop two per kill. Thread can be used to craft bandages, various types of clothing, and windmills.

Winter Fur

Winter fur is dropped by mobs in the winter - the polar bear and arctic fox. Winter fur is used to craft cap & scarf, winter peasant's tunic, and winter hood.

Dragon's Heart

The Dragon's heart is dropped exclusively by dragons upon death. This item is used for resurrection, using the resurrection stone. Or, it can be used to craft the Crown of the Angel, which is also used for resurrection.


Fish, AKA Raw Fish, is a food item dropped by mobs in the ocean biome - the piranha (drops 2) and the kraken (drops 5). It can be eaten raw, but has little food value and deals a small amount of damage to the player, similar to raw meat. Fish is prioritized over other drops if inventory space is limited. Raw fish can be cooked at a fire to more effectively fill the food bar and not deal damage to the player.

Piranha Scales

Piranha scales are an item that is dropped exclusively by the piranha upon death. It is used to craft the diving gear and super hammer.

Kraken Skin

Kraken skin is an item dropped exclusively by the kraken upon death. It is used to craft the diving suit and super hammer.

Crab Sticks

Crab sticks is a food item that was added in the "Crab in the Bed" update. Crab sticks are dropped by crabs. One crab stick along with one crab claw is dropped when a crab is killed.

Crab Claws

Crab claws is a food item/crafting resource which is dropped by crabs, (single piece) along with one crab stick, upon death. It is used in the crafting of the crab helmet and crab spear.

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