Emerald is a mining resource that you can find in the desert. It's currently the rarest resource (though not the most powerful), which can only be obtained with a tiny amount.


Emerald is used to craft Emerald Machine, Dragon Bow and Dragon Arrows.

The different amount of emerald collected by using different kinds of pickaxes:

Type of pickaxe Emerald collected per hit
Amethyst Pickaxe 1
Reidite Pickaxe 2

Other uses can be:

Obtaining points: 20 per emerald

More Information

Emerald was added in the "Desert" update.


  • Emerald is technically the highest level resource along with Reidite, as it requires an Amethyst Pickaxe to mine, indicating that they are on the same "tier". Despite this, Emerald is slightly rarer. (3 deposits, while Reidite has 5.)

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