Crafting Station
Workbench, Heat Source, and Water Source
Item(s) Amount
Emerald 40
Sandworm Juice 1
Resurrection Machine 1
Emerald Machine


Emerald machine is a structure that constantly generates points for the player. The rate of point generation depends on which of the Biomes the machine is placed in: Desert > Lava > Winter > Forest. It cannot placed in the Ocean Biome, nor can one get multiple Emerald Machines. The Machine is "connected to your soul", which means if at any point it is destroyed, specifically by mobs or players, you die.


  • In forest: 6K points per day
  • In winter: 8K points per day
  • In lava: 10K points per day
  • In desert: 12K points per day

More Information

The Emerald machine was added in the "Desert" update.

It currently has 2 sprites: the old one and the new one.

You can only place ONE emerald machine in a game. You can craft multiple machines, but you can only place 1 with an exception. The exception is if your first emerald machine is destroyed and you resurrect. The islands are considered forest, not ocean, so you can place an emerald machine on an island.

Emerald machines take a very long time to craft, even longer than lava gear. Even with a book, you use about half of your hunger bar. It is not quite possible to craft an emerald machine without a book; if you fill up your hunger completely, you will die just before the crafting finishes.

When placed down, it is best to guard it, preferably with Reidite or Amethyst walls, as if it is destroyed, you die.


  • Emerald machine does not generate points at constant rate, but rather in -2/+2 range. This means in the forest it can generate from 23 to 27 points randomly.
  • The score achieved using an emerald machine in the desert is equivalent to killing 8 dragons per day.
  • An emerald machine requires a workbench, fire, and water to be crafted. All other items with this requirement are chrono quest items.

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