Crafting Station
Workcraft Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv rabbit fur Rabbit Fur 3
Inv paper Paper 3
Inv thread Thread 3
Inv explorerhat Explorer's Hat


The explorer's hat is a hat that allows players to pass by any mob without detection. This is useful in situations where players cannot afford or do not have time to fight.


When the explorer's hat item is worn, any hostile mob that would normally attack players will instead ignore the player. A peaceful mob (the rabbit, which is also currently the only peaceful mob in the game) would not run away from the player.

Be aware that hostile mobs can still damage players with explorer's hat if they keep following it, accidentally touch it, or vice versa. Furthermore, mining or attacking (even if player fails to hit anything) disables the explorer's hat effect for 10 seconds.

More Information

The explorer's hat can be crafted with 3 rabbit fur, 3 paper, and 3 thread near a workbench.

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