Extractors are a type of structure that extracts resources every 2 ticks (10 seconds). They drill the resource of higher value that they were created from (e.g. the stone extractor is created by both wood and stone, but the resource of higher value is stone). They work in every biome, including the ocean.

However, to properly work, they need to be constantly fed up with wood. At once, there can be only 255 pieces of wood in the machine, and there can also be only 255 of resources to pick up. If there isn't wood to fuel the machine, or there is 255 drilled resources, the machine will not work. They consume 2 pieces of wood to every resource they make. Be aware that you can't take the wood out of the machine, though.

Each one of them has a total of 2000 durability.

More Information

All of the extractors were added in the "Containment" update.

You can't get score from using it, but you can get score from creating it and breaking it. You also can't get the materials inside it by breaking it. However, you can get the materials used to create the machine partially back.

The extractors are one of the only items that don't need a lower tier version in order to be crafted.

Like all structures, a extractor can be placed once every 0.8 seconds.


  • The lower tiers are fairly inefficient, with only producing stone and gold every 10 seconds.
    • However, as the higher tiers generate valuable resources, like diamond, amethyst and reidite, the higher tiers are worthy of being crafted.
  • Every time it generates a resource, it takes 2 wood. However, it can still generate on 1 wood, so try to put in an odd amount.
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