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Firefly is an item dropped by the mob Firefly (1 per kill). It is used in crafting Witch Hat, Nimbus 2000, Wand of Death and the Wand of Life.

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Witch Hat, Wand of Life and Wand of Death require 2 firflies to craft and Nimbus 2000 requires 6.

The firefly is also used when casting a spell, each firefly equal to one spell. If you run out of fireflies, you will not be able to cast spells.

The firefly was added in the "Halloween" update.

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Used in
Inv-witch-hat-out.png Witch Hat
Inv-magic-wand1-out.png Wand of Death
Inv-magic-wand0-out.png Wand of Life
Inv nimbus2000.png Nimbus 2000
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