Crafting Station
Workcraft.png Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv Cap and scarf.png Cap & Scarf 1
Inv winter fur.png Winter Fur 5
Inv-mammoth-fur-out.png Mammoth Fur 10
Inv blue cord.png Blue Thread 4
Inv-fur-hat-out.png Fur Hat


Fur Hat, also known as mammoth chapka, is the highest tier of chapkas. They can be upgraded from Cap & Scarf. The Fur Hat is the highest grade of cold protection, able to withstand the winter with few fires.

To get the Fur Hat, players have to first go through the Winter to get Diamond, then engage in the fight with Mammoths under harsh Blizzards.

Fur Hat cannot be upgraded further.


With the Fur Hat, your cold bar will gradually increase even without fires in the Forest, so you can freely move around without being worried about your cold bar as long as you stay in the Forest (which you will never do).

This chapka vastly increases the distance players can travel and allows for obtaining more Diamond and Amethyst.

Strategies to hunt for Furs:

  • Winter Fur: Make a fire and circle around the fire while hitting the animal. When your cold bar is full, leave the fire and attack in a straight line. When attacking, do not constantly attack because you move more slowly while attacking. Attack a bit, rest a bit, and repeat. Stay near the fire when you get cold!.
  • Mammoth Fur: If you are new, don't kill the mammoth, kill the baby one. Bring a ton baby mammoth, then take machete to make them angry and go back to a forest and kill them in forest. If you are more skilled, you can kill a single adult mammoth and get all of the fur you need. You can use a machete and give the extra fur to another player.
  • The mammoth can go chase you, but they cannot break buildings when not in its correct biome, trap them in a trap (place 3 wooden walls) and kill the mammoth.
  • It is easier to kill an adult mammoth if you have a sled. Ride the sled next to the mammoth to let it chase you, then hit it repeatedly with a weapon. Just be careful not to crash into objects, as the sled will stop and the mammoth will kill you. Because of the mammoth's health, you will need a campfire at some point if you fight at nighttime. This is not an issue in the daytime, assuming you have a winter scarf and cap.

More Information

Fur Hat is currently the highest tier of chapkas and cannot be upgraded further. It was added into the game in the "Bizarre" update

With Fur Hat, you can be AFK without using Fires. Your temperature bar only loses 1 unit per tick during the night, then it would gain 1 unit per tick during the day, so they balance each other.

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