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Future Updates

05/?? - Unknown



We are working on a new interface and on a new account system.

There would be a shop that would offer special skins and accessories and also starter kits (but just very weak starter kits, overall only book + bag + a few resources at most).

We can also work on a private server pass. A pass that would allow you to access a private server to play with your friends.


  • Unknown


  • Unknown Development Progress

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Details Designed Done Avaible in Beta Server
Improve audio :

  • Better sound for shovel
  • Better sound for beach
  • Add Fire sound
  • Add Craft sound
  • Add button in option to change volume for Ambiance And FX

Sandbox mode:

  • Has the zombie mode map
  • Less hunger, cold, and thirst
  • Resources are easier to collect
  • Resources are more plentiful
  • Player has more health

Dragons will throw around fire. Can be stopped with a watering can.

New minerals:

  • Copper
  • Coal
  • Reidite (not found on map, you can obtain it by extraction)

Furnace now functions as a smelter.

With furnace and coal, you can turn:

  • Gold -> Refined Gold
  • Copper -> Bronze
  • Metal -> Steel
  • Sand -> Glass

Furnace will still burn with wood, but requires coal to smelt any items.

Furnace will become easier to craft.

Bottles now need glass to craft (and not just sand directly).

Power station, with steampunk design.

Requires coal to function.

  • Needs a thermometer (Glass/Steel/Refined Gold/Diamond)
  • Needs 2 gears (Steel & Bronze)
  • Needs 5 pipes (Bronze & Steel)
  • Needs 2 plungers (Rabbit Fur, Steel & Bronze)
  • Steel
  • Bronze
  • Refined Gold
  • Amethyst

Power station will provide electricity, but with some limitations. You can connect buildings that need electricity directly to the power station, or through power lines.

Power lines, conducts electricity into special buildings. Steel + Bronze.

Super Smelter (works with electricity) - Faster than the regular smelter, and does not require coal or wood.

Coal extractor (works with electricity)

Motion acceleration floor/conveyor belt (requires electricity). You walk faster on it. It can also be used like a power line.

Slow-down floor (needs electricity). Can also be used like a power line.

Electric flooring (needs electricity). Will damage and stunt your enemies - harmless to the owner and their team. Also works like a power line.

Reidite extractor (requires electricity). Only way to obtain reidite. Also, gives you a moderate amount of points.

Super workbench (requires electricity). Craft faster when near it, and is required to craft reidite extractor, floors, and reidite equipment.

New reidite sword/spear, slightly better than dragon sword/spear. Craftable from amethyst. There will also be a reidite hammer and pickaxe.

New reidite helmet, which is slightly better than dragon helmet. Craftable from amethyst helmet

Dragon gear will be buffed against mobs, so that they are slightly better than reidite gear for fighting mobs.

Scientific glasses. Needs glass + reidite + amethyst + diamond + refined gold. Will work like a helmet (gold helmet defence + reduce crafting time). Is required to craft reidite gear.

Modding : More information

Add a special map with only sea and island biomes.

Introduce a guide/tutorial to the game. This will explain the basis of the game to new players.

Mobile application of

Bug fixes

New gamemode : The walls

Mentioned Features


  • Masks
  • Obsidian


  • Dragon Tiers
  • Wild Tribe
  • Nightmare boss
  • Yeti


  • Desert
  • Lava Biome

Possible Additions/Changes


  • HG server in Asia will be added
  • Mobile Application


  • Audio Improvements
  • A small guide will be introduced to teach basic concepts of the game.