Survive + explore + craft= Power :)

About the game is a browser-based online multiplayer survival game developed by two French coders, who call themselves LapaMauve. In this game, players control a human-like avatar, aiming to survive and get stronger equipment. The objective of the game is to survive and accumulate the most points in the server, which can be accomplished by collecting resources, killing mobs and other players, and completing quests. This game grew in popularity after its initial release, and currently serves about 1000-2000 players simultaneously on 30 servers.



There are currently six game modes for this game: normal mode, Legacy Mode (Forest Mode), Zombie Mode,Vampire Mode, Community Mode and Experimental Mode. Normal mode is FFA (Free for all); players can log on and log off whenever they want.

On either mode, players have to survive by keeping four bars (warmth, food, hydration, oxygen, health) from draining completely. When the health bar, which decreases if any of the other status bars are drained, the player touches a spike wall or when attacked by hostile mobs (and other players); drops to 0%, the player will die. To survive, players must obtain food, heat sources, and water, as well as obtaining various resources, some only found in harsh, distant biomes, to improve their equipment. Over time, players obtain points, which can be used to buy starter kits in a new game. The game features a day-night cycle, with a day lasting 4 minutes, and same with night (so that the full day lasts 8 minutes). At night time, the cold bar drops much faster, the appearance of mobs and biomes changes, and the mini-map becomes slightly harder to interpret.

Players use the WASD keys or arrow keys (or alternatively, there is also the option for the AZERTY keyboard) and the mouse (pad) to control the character. For more information regarding player controls, please see Key Binds.


Player HUD in-game, with Major Elements labelled.


Currently, there are a total of 42 online servers of, on four different continents of the world. (40 regular, 2 hunger games). EU#1 and EU#2 are the most active and most competitive servers of the 42. According the developers, a new hunger games server in Asia is upcoming.

Code Location Amount of Servers Activity
EU Roubaix, France 4 Active.
NA Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2 Active.
WA Los Angeles, California, United States 1 Active.
WA Seattle, Washington, United States 1 Active.
RU St. Petersbourg, Russia 2 RU#1: MActive

RU#2 ~ RU#5: Active

AS Singapore 2 Active
AS Tokyo, Japan 2 Active
AU Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 1 Active
EU (Legacy Mode) Roubaix, France? 1 Active
NA (Legacy Mode) Montreal, Quebec, Canada? 1 Active

AS (Legacy Mode)

/ 1 Active
RU (Legacy Mode) / 1 Active


For a complete detailed changelog, please see updates.

Date Event
March 24, 2017 The game is released!
March 28, 2017 The drawing system is released, in which players can create artworks on the drawing tool to implement in the game.
April 28, 2017 Winter biome is released with Amethyst.
April 29, 2017 Hunger Games mode is released!
July 5, 2017 Ocean biome was released with new food items, and the hydration bar.
July 28, 2017

Chrono Quests were released, with new quest - exclusive items.

July 4, 2018 Hunger Games removed, Legacy Mode added.
August 18, 2019? Legacy Mode was renamed as Forest Mode.