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Garlic is a food item added in the Sun and Moon update. When eaten, garlic will restore 14% of the food bar, however it was updated to remove its healing effect. Eating garlic will stop the cold bar from decreasing for a few seconds. Garlic cannot be crafted into better food.

Garlic is deadly against vampires in Vampire Mode. Vampires take damage over time if standing next to a garlic bulb, or holding garlic in their inventory. They will instantly die if they try to eat garlic.

Food Bar

Restores: 14% of the food bar

Life Bar

Damages: (only vampire) 100% of the life bar

Water Bar

Restores: 0% of the water bar

You can get garlic from farming garlic seeds, which you can buy from the bread market or from crafting.


  • The sprite for garlic is a recolored pumpkin, with lowered saturation. The stalk also gains luminosity, and its palette contains two colours instead of three.
  • Garlic has a unique death-message when eaten by Vampires in their respective mode, which reads, "You ate garlic as a vampire, what did you expect?"

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