Gems are items that can be earned by completing quests. They were first introduced in the Chrono Quests update. There are currently three types of gems in the game: the green, orange, and blue gems. Gems are used to craft crowns, which are special headgear that give protection like helmets, as well as other effects.

Green Gem

Green gem is used to craft the Crown of Life, along with 200 gold. The crown of life allows a player's life bar to regenerate faster when equipped. It can be obtained by completing the Survive Without Losing Life Quest. In this quest, players must survive without being damaged for four days.

Restrictions for the quest are: the player is not allowed to use chests, boxes of dead people, survival kits, or hoods.


  • I recommend using spears for hunting so you can attack mobs from a safe distance without being hurt.
  • Stay away from spiders. They can easily ruin the quest.
  • If at night and you are sharing a fire with another player you don't trust, make another fire. Always be prepared to put another fire when one goes out. Or you might take cold damage.
  • If you want to do no other quest, then don't get a weapon. Make a noob base preferably by the beach. Collect, berries, pumpkin seeds, and resources at day.

Orange Gem

Orange gem is used to craft the Crown of Luck, along with 200 gold. The crown of luck increases the chances of getting rare items in treasure chests. It can be obtained by completing the Open 5 Treasure Chests Quest. In this quest, players must open five treasure chests within two days.

There are no constraints for doing this quest.



Blue Gem

Blue gem is used to craft the Crown of the Angel, along with 200 gold and a dragon heart. The crown of the angel allows for resurrection without having a dragon heart. Players still need the resurrection stone to resurrect. It can be obtained by completing the Be Peaceful Quest. In this quest, players must not harm any other players or rabbits for six days. They are also not allowed to place down spikes.

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