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Gifts randomly spawn throughout the forest biome, similarly to seeds. They function in a similar way to the treasure chest and dead player box. To open it, players have to repeatedly attack it until it is destroyed, after which they obtain one of 6 gift-exclusive items. It has health like a mob, not a structure, so weapons are the most effective for opening it.

Unlike other boxes, you can open a gift without failing chrono quests. Gifts were added in the "Merry Christmas!" update.

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Upon opening a gift, the player receives one of these six gift-exclusive items: the Elf Hat, Christmas Hat, Candy, Sugar Cane, Pirate Sword or Garland.

The Elf and Christmas Hats are re-textured earmuffs and coats, respectively. Candies and Sugar Canes are food items that restore 100% of your food bar when eaten. The Pirate Sword does the same amount of damage as a Diamond Sword, but has more range. Garlands are special structures that can be placed on roofs for decoration.

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