Crafting Station
Workcraft Workbench
Item(s) Amount
Inv gold Gold 200
Inv thread Cord 12
Inv penguin feather Penguin Feather 8
Inv hawk feather Hawk Feather 8
Stonebow Stone Bow
Inv-gold-bow-out Golden Bow
Golden Bow is the third weakest version of the bow. Bows are not like other weapons like swords and spears as the bow fires a projectile that deals damage and the bow itself does not deal the damage. When standing on top of a tower the bow's arrows will travel over player placed walls.


Used in
Inv-gold-bow-out Diamond Bow

Due to its low damage and costly projectile its not recommended for use in pvp, Instead the bow is best for use against mobs as it has very high mob damage and you can attack at range.

More Information

The bow can be used similar to the Wand of Death as both can an fire a projectile that deals damage. It was added into the game during the "Bizarre" update, along with the Mammoth, Baby Mammoth and Arrows.

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