Golden Bread


Most precious item in starve land!

The mysterious golden bread was added in the Golden Bread Hunt update and is the premium currency of

How To Acquire

Golden bread is not a normal item you get in-game, however, it is an item directly correlated to the points system. For every 1000 points you get in-game, you will receive 1 golden bread when you die. (Note: if you get disconnected, the number of golden bread in your possession will not be revised accordingly as it is calculated on the death screen.) You can also get golden bread by purchasing it from the store, as well as 100 free golden bread when signing in for the first time.

When farming bread, please note that you can only get 500 bread in one game (500k points) and you are limited to 60 golden bread made in an hour. For example, even if you make 100k points in one hour, you would only get 60 golden bread for that hour. In addition, when you kill someone, you only get 1/6 of the player's points, but you also only get 1/3 of the golden bread from those points. For example, if you kill a player with 18k points, you only get one golden bread.

Another way to get golden bread is to level up. When you level up your account, you get (10*level_number ) golden bread!
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Skin Spins

Also added in the Golden Bread Hunt update, spins are the golden bread's only use (besides a starter kit) and most, if not all players use their bread on them. There are two categories of spins, the Skin Spins and the Custom Spins which are further divided into three subtypes: Starter, Golden and Dragon. Skin spins will only output normal skins for your character and custom spins will only output book skins, bag skins, box skins, and accessories. Custom spins are half the price of a skin spin.

Skin Spin Custom Spin
Starter 100 GB 50 GB Wood:% Stone:% Gold:% Diamond:%
Golden 300 GB 150 GB Stone:% Gold:% Diamond:% Amethyst:%
Dragon 600 GB 300 GB Gold:% Diamond:% Amethyst:% Reidite:%

The best value for wood skins is the starter spin, the best value for stone skins is the golden spin and the best value for the golden skins is the dragon spin. The best value for the diamond, amethyst and reidite skins is the dragon spin, with which you have the greatest chance of getting higher tier skins.

(Note that unless you want wood or stone skins, dragon spins are always of the best value and are very much worth saving up for.)

Starter Kit
For 1h 300 GB
For 24h 600 GB

Other than spins, the player can also buy a starter kit containing the essentials to help them get started with a new game. After buying the starter kit, players will spawn with a book and bag for either the next 1 hour or 24 hours, depending on how much golden bread the player spent on the starter kit.

It is generally not recommended to purchase the starter kit as the book and bag are relatively easy to get for seasoned players and as such the kit is a waste of golden bread. Golden bread is much better spent on skin and custom spins instead of the starter kit.


A way to farm Golden Bread would be to go AFK. This works because the game grants 500 points per day survived. However, it's not very efficient. 1 Golden Bread is 1000 points, and if someone was just standing there, they would only get one bread every 2 days (16 real-life minutes). A better way to farm Golden Bread would be to continually harvesting wood and stone while AFK. This can be achieved with an auto-clicker, or simply by putting a weight on the left mouse button on a desktop.

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