You want to leave the game but don't want to lose your items? You want to make a farm and share food with everyone? Or you just want to have a nice place to live? In that case, you will need to build a Base! Basically, there are three types of Bases. They are Normal Base, AFK Base and Farm.

At this page, we are going to talk about how to make a base. Let's get started!


If you want to make a Farm or just a Normal Base, you should build it in the corners of the forest! The reason is, you will have access to huge amounts of wood, have two completed walls and you can easily find people to invite them to your base. Some of those players will be good! They may help you expand or improve your base. You can buy Starter Kits to reduce the time of preparing structures. If you want some teammates, make a totem! For AFK Base, it should be somewhere with fewer people, like the winter or ocean, So nobody will go and ruin your base.


A farm is a base that grow food for player. A farm should have agricultural structures. You can buy the Farmer Kit at the Starter Kits, because they provides seeds and plots for you. You need to build the outside first, because if you grow plants first, players will come and take food away before your farm is finished. You can plant many types of food like berries, pumpkin, garlic and wheat. If you just want to make a basic farm, plant berry bushes. If you make a wheat farm, you need to make windmill and bread oven to convert wheat to bread. For Garlic, Pumpkin or Wheat farm, you will need to find those seeds in the forest. And when you harvested those plants, save them for more seeds! You will need an amount of plant and stay near a heat source to make seeds. Then, there will be more plants! You can't put seed directly on Winter, Lakes or Ocean. A plant plot is required. And in water, put some bridges! You can make pots for the plants in the forest, because they help them grow faster and they need less water.

Here are all type of farms:

Note: You don't have to copy these, build as your heart wants.

Normal Base

Normal base is the most basic base. Basically, it protects players and store valuable items. The Normal Base doesn't mainly serve food, so there aren't much plants. You can buy the Builder Kit from the Starter Kits so you will have some structures and it will takes less time to prepare. There should be a Workbench, Furnace and a food source. And make it near a water source. You can build on the top of a lake or ocean, but you will need some bridge. If your place is far away from a water source, make a well and fill it with buckets. However, you can't drink on a well. You can just refill bottles with it. So you should make it near a water source, or players will die of thirst.

Here's some examples of a Normal Base.

AFK Base

The AFK Base is a base used to protect player when they are AFK-ing. AFK stands for Away From Keyboard. That means when somebody is not playing the game but still let the tab open, that character will stay there, not doing anything. So, aggressive mobs and players could come and kill them. You will lose your items. So, you need to build an AFK base. It's recommended to build an AFK base on the ocean, because you won't need water bottles, and there are less players there. Put about 25 bridge there, make it a 5x5 tiles square. If you have enough material, you can make it without furnace. Equip a Cap & Scarf, put a bed and some roofs, and stay in the bed! So, you won't need furnace for warming. And finally, you can't survive without food. You need to gather a bunch of food, so prepare carefully. For an hour of AFK-ing, you need about 216 berries/ 22 cakes or sandwiches/ 43 cookies/ 62 cooked meat/cooked fish. And put defensive structures outside. For spikes, it should be diamond or amethyst. You should also build it in the corner.

Here's some example of AFK base:

After the update "It smells like burning!", you will overheat if you stay too long near a fire. But this was changed, to where you will heat up, but no longer take damage unless you are in the lava biome, or the Desert at day time.

So, what's next?

So, your base is finished, right? If you built an AFK base, all you need is to rest for a while. For other bases, you should be friendly with them and invite players to your base. By doing that,players will love you and your base. If you always use a single nickname and only play in 1-2 servers,you will be known as a generous player on those servers. Good luck!

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