The Hawk is a mob spawning in the Forest. It is one of the few neutral mobs in the game, with the others being Crab, King Crab, Boar, Baby Dragon, Baby Mammoth, and Baby Lava. A Hawk is tameable with a saddle; you have a 3% chance to tame it, which can be increased to 15% by wearing the Crown of Luck.

A tamed hawk will take time to land and to take off. It will stop taking off if hitting an obstacle. When it starts flying, the player's name will change into blue.

Upon death, a Hawk will drop 2x Raw Meat and 4x Hawk Feathers.

More Information

It was added into the game during the "I believe I can fly" update, but it only gave you 1 Hawk Feather upon death. In the first "Bizarre" update, you used to be able to receive 3 Hawk Feathers upon killing a Hawk. And after the "More ways to kill animals" update, you can get up to 4 Hawk Feathers by killing on 1 Hawk.

The Hawk has the same amount of health and damage as of a wolf. Only it's speed, spawn ratio, hostility and special ability are different.


Tamed Hawk in Inventory

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