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Item(s) Amount
Inv rabbit fur Rabbit Fur 5
Inv wolf fur Wolf Fur 10
Inv thread Thread 6
Inv hood Hood
Used in
Inv winter hood Winter Hood


Hood is a clothing item that allows players to hide their names. Skins, however, are not hidden. When equipped, players can steal random stacks of items from other players' inventories by hitting them with their hands (tools and weapons will NOT work). Wearing it also decreases cold (same as earmuffs). This item was added in the Purge update.

When equipped, there will be a eight second countdown until the steal ability is enabled. In addition, the ability only gets enabled during the night, away from fires. After a successful steal or if a player hit the robber, the ability gets disabled for eight more seconds.

However, the hood cannot be used for most quests. Also, hood users cannot steal an item that is equipped. Players wearing the peasant's tunic cannot be stolen from. The hood can be upgraded into the winter hood, using a special black fur which can be obtained from completing the Survive in Winter for 4 Days Chrono Quest.

More Information

Hood can be upgraded to the Winter Hood.

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