Hoods are clothing which hide some visual information (their username, skin) about the wearer, provide the wearer some cold protection, similar to chapkas, and allow them to steal a random item from others by punching them. However, there are several restraints on stealing:

  • You can only steal in the darkness (at night-time, and away from fires).
  • You have to attack with your bare hands to steal, weapons don't work.
  • You have to wait for either 4 or 8s after equipping, before you can steal.
  • Equipped items (worn clothing, a held tool or weapon) cannot be stolen.
  • Players wearing peasants' tunics cannot be stolen from (with exception).
  • If you are attacked by a player, the timer restarts.

There are two tiers of hoods: the hood, and the winter hood. The winter hood has a stealing timer of 4 seconds, better than the 8 seconds timer of the normal hood, and provides better cold protection. Also, winter hood wearers can steal from players with a peasant's tunic (but not the winter peasant's tunic).

Hoods were added in the SOUNDS GOOD update.

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