Types of Shops

There are 2 common types of shops: Food Shops or shops who sell furs, gold, diamonds, hats and more,if you want to make an Shop you need to chose one type, but chose wisely because every type has its own difficulty.

Food Shop

an Food Shop is the easiest Shop of the two,if you build an Food Shop its good to buy the 8k or the 16k Farmer Starter kit because in both of them are berries or seeds but in the farmer kit are wheat seeds included but in the 8k starter kit are also stone and gold included and in the farmer kit not so when you pick farmer you have to get some gold for the chest and furnace (when you want one for the guests). You have to know if you make an Food Shop that your seeds naturally die after 8 in-game days which are in total 64 mins, because of that its good to have some seeds for backup because if don't do that you have to make new and if you sold all of you food already you have to get new seeds of quit the game

Item Shop

An Item Shop is harder then The Food Shop and needs more preparations,if you build an Item Shop its good to buy the 16k explorer kit or the 16k warrior kit or no kit to get quest items,when you finished your Item Shop you are probably on the Leaderboard for killing many Wolves, Bunnies, Bears, Foxes for hats and getting many resources so some players want to kill you so its great to have full amethyst or dragon gear to protect yourself from players.

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