Islands are small pieces of land that exist in the Ocean biome. There are 6 islands in total. Islands are the only places where treasure chests can be found. Islands were added in the Treasure Hunt update, on the 8th of July.

Islands are made out of the sand, and usually offer palm trees and stone deposits, along with a chance for a treasure chest. In addition, a few of 6 islands have a berry bush. The most right-corner one is the biggest among all 6 islands and contains an extra lava pool. Islands can have several treasure chests, which respawn after a certain amount of time. A treasure chest contains only one item, but this can be anything in the game, except quest-items. Rather than functioning as an actual chest, treasure chests act like stationary mobs. A key is not required. Players can simply hit it with a weapon, repeatedly, until it is destroyed, to get the item inside. When a treasure chest is destroyed, another treasure chest is spawned on another, randomly chosen island after a short delay.



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  • The islands are considered forest, not ocean. As such, you can place an emerald machine on an island. Also, islands count towards the "Explore each biome for at least 1 day" quest.

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